Ashirwad’s Happy Day 2015

Ashirwad Team

Ashirwad Team with Chief Teacher Geetha Ravula, (Sitting in the Center)

HOUSTON: Ashirwad A Blessing Temple celebrated Happy:) Day 7 on Sunday April 26, in Durgabari Temple, Houston.  Happy:) Day is Ashirwad’s end of the year graduation & appreciation program. Highlights of the evening were Chief Teacher’s Commitment Award, Sloka-Thon & $loka-Bet, VEDIC FAIR 2015 Appreciation, “Yoga Showcase”, Annual Sloka Recital & Student Graduation Ceremony.

Ashirwad’s chief teacher Geetha Ravula-Ji, every year recognizes one Ashirwad Family for their consistent commitment to heritage. This year’s Chief Teacher’s commitment award of 2015 was presented to Ananya Bhonsley and her parents Bindu Rao (Mother), Vivek Bhonsley (Father).

Signature event of the evening that parents and students look forward fervently is Sloka-Thon. Ashirwad students compete to recite as many slokas as they can in 3 minutes and recite any sloka by number from lot assigned to them from Sri Vishnusahasra Namam or Bhagwad Githa.  Sloka Chanting has many benefits. Chanter doesn’t necessarily have to be aware of meaning of verses to enjoy these benefits. Sanskrit language has tremendous spectrum of energy, its phonetics require the complexity of tongue placements that stimulate pituitary gland located just millimeters away from the roof of the palate.  Since chanting naturally requires cycles of deep respiration, it also amounts to release of emotional toxicity and unwanted psychic residue. Chanters have reported to have experienced more mental clarity and memory increase.

Keeping Sloka chanting benefits for growing kids in mind, Ashirwad’s curriculum emphasizes sloka chanting as of one of the main teachings along with yoga, meditation, stories from scriptures, bhajans, stage shows, presentations, sports and other live activities.
On Happy:) Day, Top 3 sloka-thon finalists compete live on stage to recite slokas precisely from memory. Rhea Bhat is crowned Sloka-Thon 2015  champion for reciting 34 Slokas from Bhagwad Githa and slokas by number from Sri Vishnusahasranama Sthotram asked by Judges. 1st runner up is Srinidhi Srikalyani & 2nd runner up is Aishani Sakalbhaktula.

Ashirwad recognized VEDIC FAIR 2015, INDIA Exhibit Presentations Competition, champion Bhavana Gollapudi for presenting “Indian Scientific Heritage”, Ayushi Sapru runner up for presenting “Lord Ganesh”. In below 10 years category Ananya Bhonsley was the champion for her presentation on “Navagraha – the nine planetary dieties”, Annika Ahuja the runner up for her presentation on “Vrindavan”. Winner Renu Ahuja & runner up Manisha Mohta for cooking competition {Sathwik} were recognized and awarded.

Ashirwad Divine students presented highlight of the evening “Yoga Showcase”. Students showcased various asanas learned in the class such as Bhujangasan, Uttita Parsva Konasan, Virabadrasan, Trikonasan, Chakrasan, Halasan, Danurasan and more.

Happy Day concluded on a happy note, all students delightfully received their graduation trophy. Ashirwad class of 2015-2016 will commence on Saturday, September 12 2015. Enrollments are now open for kids over 4 year to 18 years. Teen Yoga, Meditation classes and summer adult classes for yoga, meditation and Bhagwad Githa are held every month in Katy, TX.

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