Mama’s Punjabi Recipes – Kulfi Aur Gur Galef Kharrot (Kulfi & Molasses Coated Walnuts)


Punjabis, just like the rest of Indians, love those really sweet dishes that make the end of a meal so enjoyable. There are some unique Punjabi sweets like gajjar da halwa (carrot pudding), or sooji da halwa (cream of wheat pudding) or atte da kadda (wheat pudding) which are best when they contain some nuts.

Nuts of all types are also a favorite of Punjabis, and especially piste (pistachios), badam (almonds) or kaju (cashews). I remember when I was growing up in Lyallpur in the region of West Punjab made fertile by the Chenab River that my grandfather would bring home jute bags full of nuts of all sorts which we would enjoy eating during the winter months as we sat around an anghiti (wood burning clay bucket stove) in the courtyard of our ancestral home.

Nuts of all types are still favored during the winter months in the Punjab – chilgoze (pine nuts), kharot (walnuts) and roasted mumfli (peanuts) are also eaten commonly, along with kishmish (raisins). These mewah (dried fruits) are very often used in all types of mithai (sweetmeats), even though dried fruits have become quite expensive in India and are out of the reach of many people. Even so, the halwai (confectioners) shops are packed everyday.

With the Holiday Season coming upon us, these two timely recipes will come in handy. These are fairly easy to make, and as any sweets loving Punjabi will declare, they are hard to resist. The kulfi recipe is not the traditional one but the much simpler American version which tastes just as good.

Too many walnuts can irritate the palate but the gur coating makes them much tastier. It is a treat during the monsoons or winter months and is also very beneficial because it is not as heavy as other sweets are.

Kulfi (Condensed Milk Ice Cream)



1 pint (473ml) Ultra pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream

1 can (14 oz) Sweetened Fat Free Condensed Milk

1 can (12 oz) Evaporated Milk

15-20 shelled piste (pistachios) shredded into small pieces


In a bowl, open the evaporated milk, condensed milk and whipping cream and mix well with a wisk. Add the pistachios and mix further.

Pour into icicle containers or in small plastic cups. 

Place the cups in the freezer overnight. The kulfi will be ready to eat in the morning.

Gur Galef Kharott (Molasses Coated Walnuts)



500gm kharott giri (shelled walnuts). You can substitute pecans if preferred

500gm gur (rock molasses)

¼ tsp saunf (fennel seed)

¼ cup pani (water)


Chop the walnuts into halves.

Break the gur into smaller pieces. Place a frying pan over high heat and when it is nice and hot, throw in the gur pieces and let them melt.

Add the fennel seed and stir well for 5 minutes. Test the melted gur to see if it runs a sticky ribbon when stirred and touched.

Turn the heat off and throw in the walnut pieces and stir well and quickly to coat them and make sure the walnuts aren’t clumped together.

Place on a plate to let the walnuts cool off; when cool place in an air-tight jar so that they don’t become humid.