Romance time for Ashok and Kaurwaki in Ashoka


Colors’ widely appreciated historical drama series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat that traces the life of Emperor Ashoka and his journey from being a young warrior prince to a vindictive leader has been creating waves among the viewers.

The show recently witnessed a romantic track with  Ashoka (Mohit Raina) and Kaurwaki (Soumya Seth) falling deep in love with each other ahead of their marriage

As a part of the sequence, Kaurwaki goes to meet Ashoka in order to apologise for whatever went wrong between them. But when she will enter his room, she will find Ashoka fast asleep. Mesmerized by the innocent look on Ashoka’s face, Kaurwaki will expresss her affection by giving a kiss on his forehead.

Ashoka will quickly sense Kaurwaki’s touch and pull her closer to him when she is about to leave.  Kaurwaki would be unable to content her happiness and blush softly over Ashoka’s sweet gesture. As the sequence will progress, they would get lost in this romantic moment.

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