Why we are LOVING the double role track of Meri Aashiqui…


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji Telefilms) on Colors’ is giving us more reasons to love the show. If the interesting story wasn’t enough, we now have the double role track that is making us super happy! We are getting the chance to watch Ranveer (Shakti Arora) in a dual avatar…what more could we ask for, eh?

Here are five reasons why we are so much in love with the new development on the show…read on:

Double dhamaal:

With constant twists from the makers and our efforts to guess who is on the screen (Ranveer or Milan), the chasing game is getting intriguing with each passing day. And those who are diehard fans of MATSH, they have double reasons to rejoice the drama.

Swap drama:

As many little birdies are whispering all over the realm, we hear that Milan will swap his place with Ranveer as the groom and end up marrying Ishani. Of course this swap drama will add some spice in the storyline. Already excited.

Revenge saga:

The loyal viewers must be aware of the fact that Milan has entered the show only to take revenge from Ranveer. Though the secret of Milan’s hidden agenda has not yet been revealed, we are sure that some lights will be shed on the hidden past soon. And the mere thought of it is leaving us excited.

Love triangle:

With Milan now getting hitched to Ishani, a third angle will be added to IshVeer’s romance. Moreover, as far we have seen Milan, his rustic charm in contrast to Ranveer’s sophisticated manner will soon create a web of love and hatred.

A face off:

Finally, all the Shakti Arora fans are having a whale of a time. It also helps that the actor is pulling off both roles with equal élan.

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