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Grand New Year and Vaikunda Ekadasi Celebrations at Sri Meenakshi Temple

Grand New Year and Vaikunda Ekadasi Celebrations at Sri Meenakshi Temple

 By M.K.Sriram and Akilan Gopal PEARLAND: It was a great and divine start to 2015 for several thousand devotees who worshipped at Sri Meenakshi Temple on New Year’s day.   The forecasters predicted a rainy and cold day, but this did not make any impact on the spirits and minds of the devotees – they came […]

Founders’ Day Celebration at Sri Meenkashi Temple

PEARLAND: Sri Meenkashi Temple celebrated Founders’ day as a formal dinner event on Saturday, December 13.  The evening was dedicated by the current Board to honor all those who have worked hard in the Board and advisory council since 1979. This year was special because of a special skit and musical program called “Melodies and […]

The Month of Karthigai Rekindles the Light of Hope in the Devotees at MTS

By Chittoor K. Ramachandran PEARLAND: Maha Sathyanarayana Pooja  (Dec 6) Worshipping Sriman Narayana (Sri Venkateswara) in  Sathyanarayana  pooja  in an easily understandable   format  is a time honored tradition created  for the families  in several  regions of India.  Sri Meenakshi Temple conducts   Sathyanarayana pooja at regular intervals throughout the year or  on special request  for those […]

Steadfast Ayyappa Devotees Get the Gratification of Annadanam at MTS

By Chitoor  Ramachandran PEARLAND: The month of karthigai (vrichikam) (Nov-Dec) makes the premises of Sri Meenakshi Temple vibrant with numerous festive events individually distinct in the importance, intent and tradition. The 41 days of austere Ayyappa vrutham (Mandalam) and the associated worship of Sri Ayyappa (Sri Dharma Shasta) conspicuously bring out several disciplines recommended to […]

Unique Annabhishekam at Sri Meenakshi Temple

By   M.K. Sriram PEARLAND: Karthikai, the seventh month in the Tamil calendar is considered a very holy month. Annabhishekam, i.e. abhishekam with cooked rice is traditionally performed for Lord Sundarewswar at Madurai Meenkashi temple as well as many other Shiva temples on the full moon day in this month.  MTS has been following the same […]

Sri Meenakshi Temple’s Main Temple Renovation Project Bhoomi Puja (Ground-breaking Ceremony)

By Dr. Venugopal Menon PEARLAND: It was another auspicious inauguration, another stride in the celestial course of the inspiring chronicle of Sri Meenakshi Temple in Pearland.  It was the Bhoomi Puja of its Main Temple expansion on Sunday, November 2. On a serenely bright and balmy morning, about 300 devotees were blessed to participate in […]

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrated by Meenakshi Temple

By Mala Gopal  PEARLAND: Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Gokulashtami, is an annual celebration of the birth of Sri Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Vishnu is said to descend in this avatar form to restore cosmic order.  Of all the avatars, Krishna avatar appeals to all as the God is most approachable as a […]

MTS Raises Million Dollars for the Main Temple Project

MTS Raises Million Dollars for the Main Temple Project

By Chandana Golla PEARLAND: Sri Meenakshi Temple fundraising committee set a monumental goal to be met for the Main Temple Renovation Project (M.T.R.P.). Target – One Million. “Shantham and Subhiksham” (Peace and Prosperity) was the theme for this year’s MTS annual banquet which was held on Sunday, August 17. For the first time in MTS […]

Aani Thirumanjanam Celebrated at Sri Meenakshi Temple

PEARLAND: The word “Thirumanjanam” means Holy bath. Aani (Tamil month spanning mid June -mid July) Thirumanjanam  is a special day (Uthiram Nakshtram) when an Abhishekam is performed for Lord Nataraja. At Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland Aani Thirumanjanam was celebrated on July 4, with the traditional Abhishekam which was witnessed by devotees on a slightly drizzling […]

Sri Meenakshi Temple Participates in City of Pearland Parks and Recreation Event

PEARLAND: The week leading up to Friday was rainy and wet which threatened to keep away audience for the last of the Friday Summer fest concert hosted by City of Pearland Parks and Recreation; fortunately fair weather was on us as evening dawned and the crowd gathered to relax and enjoy the Music.  Sri Meenakshi […]

Guru Peyarchi Homam at Sri Meenakshi Temple

Guru Peyarchi Homam at Sri Meenakshi Temple

PEARLAND: Planet Jupiter is also known as Guru or Brihaspathi. “Guru” is a Sanskrit word, and it literally means the remover of darkness and one who brings the light of knowledge. In Indian Vedic Astrology Guru is considered to be a benefic planet. Guru is attributed to Good luck, favor and fortune. Performing special puja […]

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