Unique Annabhishekam at Sri Meenakshi Temple

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Lord Siva adorned with Annam (rice) symbolic of his Grace that feeds the World.
Photo: S Narayanan

By   M.K. Sriram

PEARLAND: Karthikai, the seventh month in the Tamil calendar is considered a very holy month. Annabhishekam, i.e. abhishekam with cooked rice is traditionally performed for Lord Sundarewswar at Madurai Meenkashi temple as well as many other Shiva temples on the full moon day in this month.  MTS has been following the same tradition for more than 25 years.  Lord Shiva is known to be very fond of abhishekam, and on this special day He who provides annam to the entire world is showered with annam by His devotees. More than 100 ardent devotees gathered at the Shiva sannidhi the evening of November 6, to participate in this event.  They brought various abhishekam materials including cooked rice, prasadam, fruits and flowers.

Abhishekam with various dravyams such as milk, curd, honey, annam and panchamritham was performed to the resounding chanting of Sri Rudram and other vedic hymns.  The devotees sang various bhajans and devotional songs while they patiently waited for the darshan of Lord Sundareswara.  The priests took great efforts to do an elaborate and most beautiful alankaram of the Shiva Lingam with rice.  When the sannidhi opened again, it was a most spectacular sight to behold.

Archana and arathi was followed by prasadam distribution.  All in all, it was a very fulfilling and blissful evening of worship.