Founders’ Day Celebration at Sri Meenkashi Temple


PEARLAND: Sri Meenkashi Temple celebrated Founders’ day as a formal dinner event on Saturday, December 13.  The evening was dedicated by the current Board to honor all those who have worked hard in the Board and advisory council since 1979.


This year was special because of a special skit and musical program called “Melodies and Memories”. The temple chairman Dr. P. Vaduganathan who wrote the skit , had acted as a Swamy Vaduganantha and narrated the 35 year story of Sri Meenakshi temple to a few villagers in India as to how this first Shakthi temple in USA serves as a model to many temples. As the story evolved Mala Gopal, the cultural coordinator had choreographed songs and dances to portray each stage of the temple. As part of the program several steering committee members, Dr. KR. Thiyagarajan,  Dr. Venugopal Menon, Dr. Bala Ayer,  Dr. A.P. Raghuthaman, Padma Anantha for her husband Anantha and Dr. S.G. Appan for his late father Subramanian were brought on stage along with several past chairmen, Board and council members and honored. The evening ended with a delicious dinner. The founders were very pleased that the current leadership did not forget the sacrifices made by so many over the years and complemented the efforts of the current Board especially the chairman P. Vaduganathan, Secretary Srikanth and Treasurer Padma Golla for arranging this nice evening.