Women: Holding the Key to the New Era!


Photos: SMB Images

By Vanshika Vipin Varma

HOUSTON: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”. This was a famous quote by the ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher, who appropriately said so as women are celebrated not only because of their beauty, but also for their courage and perseverance to do the things they want to achieve in life. Empowering women to contribute in all sectors is vital to strengthen economies, meet the objectives for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. Completely conscious and in harmony with this belief, Jaz Creationz in collaboration with India House presented an event on Women Empowerment, “Ignite Your Power & Fire”, on Sunday, January 7. The event, held at India House, was a thoughtfully designed program that took place after a 3-day workshop on the subject of “Women Empowerment in Action”. This workshop was held by Mrs. India 2016, “Queen of Substance” – Sneha Shergill, and Jasmeeta Singh, founder of Jaz Creationz, which received an overwhelming response from Houstonians. With a wrap-up to the workshop that ended late that afternoon, this evening gala was a significant route to meet-and-greet with Sneha Shergill, followed by some entertainment.


The visitors walked into a completely transformed India House that was graced right from the entrance to within the hall, with vibrant designer clothes and accessories. The decor was just perfect to set the mood and frame the emotions. As the attendees started meeting and greeting each other, delicious gourmet bites were being served, sponsored by Kiran Verma from Kiran’s Restaurant. Jasmeeta Singh warmly welcomed everyone, her gracious & ravishing smile did not unveil the fact that she had been engaged in a hectic workshop, for the past couple of days and almost until this event kicked off. And this facet too is a symbol that manifests that there is no limit to what women can accomplish. In her welcome statement, Jasmeeta mentioned that through this event they aim to inspire women to feel, to connect, to create and to believe in themselves, and to grow. That would be in line with Jaz Creationz’s mission of creating awareness by building bridges within the diverse communities, through fashion and culture. Her note, appreciated by the audience, was followed by a welcome dance that was performed by the models from the workshop. Both Sneha Shergill and Jasmeeta Singh joined the UH-Houston Jannat troupe to mesmerize the audience with their Bollywood style spin and whirl to Swag se karenge sabka swagat. Sneha then took on the stage and mentioned that her mission is on similar lines to that of Jaz Creationz, to embrace and encourage women, to help them overcome challenges and boost their confidence, to recognize and have them reach their full potential.  



Mrs. India 2016, Sneha Shergill is a pageant grooming coach, a choreographer and fitness enthusiast, while she shares her passion with writing and directing musicals, and being a corporate life skills coach for topics like professional etiquette, stress management, image branding and grooming, business networking, work-life balance, confidence building, performance optimization, time management. The multi-talented Sneha is also a product designer and a print shoot model, and she has modeled for various fashion designers and jewelry brands. With her career spread over 15 years, she has also been teaching individuals right from the age group of 3 to 60 years, facilitating them to overcome their limitations, have a 360 change in their lifestyles and transform. After being crowned Mrs. India by the Bollywood actresses Mahima Chaudhry and Bhagyashree in 2016, she has been actively involvement with women empowerment initiatives and NGOs, which continue to be the driving force in her life.



Sneha’s brief introduction was followed by an enchanting singing performance by  Shriya and Melrose. And then, it was time for some glitz and sparkle, as the glamorous fashion extravaganza was set ablaze. The participants, Silhouette by Payal, Amy Jewels by Amy, Ekta Designs Collection, Dhanak Couture by Bushra, Jewelry House by Saira Hussain, Meenoz Designs by Marium and Mini & Ritu Designs left the audience flabbergasted with their elegant and stunning line of clothes and flamboyant jewelry. The audience was treated with a delightful amalgamation of dance and spiritual pursuits, in a stunning Kathak performance by Virtosi of Performing Arts, led by the elegant performer Keka Kar. Some of the eminent guest speakers for the evening were the affluent and successful women speakers Neeta Sane-HCC Trustee, Dr. Vanitha Pothuri- Internal Medicine physician with multi-faceted business interests and immediate past IACF President, and Pragya Sen- Mrs. Asia Pacific International 2017. These flourishing women spoke about women empowerment and how feminism is not just about making women strong, it is much more than that. The event ended with Jasmeeta inviting all the sponsors and volunteers on stage and recognizing each one of them. In her thanks note, she mentioned, “I would like to specially thank Ekta Taneja, Bobby Kaur, Jasleen Kaur, Gauri Seth, Sachin Butala, Reshma, Anasuya, MUA Glitz E’clat by Yadira Bonnette, KJ Salon by Kiranjot Bhusri, Zora & Meena of Kaya Salon, Fabiana, Orchid Salon by Wajeeha, and Executive Director of India House, Col. Vipin Kumar”. Jasmeeta also thanked Richard Colman Photography and SMB Images for doing a fantastic job. She did shout out a big Thanks to her determined companion Sneha Shergill, who worked tirelessly in putting this show together, choreographing the dance and fashion shows and encouraging everyone to be united as a team. The sponsors for the event included Kiran’s Restaurant & Bar (Kiran Verma), New York Life Insurance (Amir Dhodhiya), Tim Jerro, Manmeet Likhari, Mr. & Mrs. Raj Bhalla, and India House.




While a lot more progress will be needed worldwide to achieve a level of empowerment in which women can realize their full potential, organizations like these are helping to get there.

For further details & for information on dancing and modeling classes for all ages starting from January 24 visit www.jazcreationz.com or call Jasmeeta Singh @ 713-858-8229.