1000 Walkers Join in BAPS Charities to Support Firefighters, ADA and Stafford MSD


SUGAR LAND: Many of us are touched when we lend our hands to help others. The feeling of giving makes us even more emotional when it comes to a child. On Sunday, June 9, 11 year old Riya Desai from Sugar Land woke up early. She was thrilled knowing that her efforts were going to make a profound impact in the community. For the last 3-4 months, Riya made sure that every person she came in contact knew that she was raising funds for this year’s BAPS Charities walkathon. At the end of her efforts, she had collected $2500 to support this year’s walkathon benefiting American Diabetes Association and the Stafford MSD Education Foundation.

By 9:00 am there were over a 1000 people lined up in front of Sugar Land’s City Hall to get the walk started. Before the walk a moment of silence was observed for the four fallen heroic firefighters from a tragic fire at a motel off US59. BAPS Charities representative Nilkanth Patel stated, “Our community service providers play an integral role in keeping us all safe and this year we (BAPS Charities) have decided to give $5000 to the 100 Club’s Survivor Fund for the firefighters.”

Associate director of ADA walk, Katie McCoy said that “Working with BAPS Charities has been wonderful as this event raises awareness of diabetes and assists ADA to continue research in ways to prevent and cure diabetes.”


As part of raising awareness of this 5k walk, Riya Desai and volunteers of BAPS Charities brought sponsors like Piping Technology & Products, SDB group, Forge USA, Ansh Laboratories, Wedge Energy Services, 4th Dimension, Akshar/Shriji Properties, Bharat Patel and many others to contribute to this year’s walkathon. Dr. Atul Dhingra, COO of Sphier Emergency Rooms, was amazed of the turnout of the walkathon and commented, “It’s good to see that we have so many people out to give back to the community.”

Riya Desai was excited to watch the special addition to this year’s walk, the 5k run. As Rohan Jethva finished first place in the 5k run, he shouted, “WOW, this was so much fun and it was all for a great cause.”

Numerous volunteers were also there early to help make the day possible as well as participated in the event. Bharat Patel said, “We were able to help prepare the sandwiches for all the participants and it was great to see so many people here to create a positive impact one step at a time.”

At the end of the walk, Riya was exhausted but ecstatic that her efforts will go a long way. Similar walks took place in over 40 cities throughout North America wherein over 13,000 participants walked over 45,000 miles. In addition to annual walkathons, BAPS Charities hosts health fairs, Children’s health and safety day programs, education and career development seminars, disaster relief operations, blood drives and much more. BAPS Charities sincerely serves the community, by improving the quality of life of individuals and families.

For further information contact Viral Desai at 832-498-4725 or email media@houstonmandir.org