10Best: Fourth of July fireworks around the USA


No matter which state in America you call home, or where you choose to celebrate Independence Day, annual firework displays always cap off the holiday’s festivities perfectly by lighting up the night sky in a radiant show of brilliant luminescence.

These are some of the best US destinations for “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over America’s fireworks displays:

Washington, D.C.

Leading the way in true patriotic tradition, the nation’s capital will host a fireworks extravaganza to properly honor Independence Day on the national Mall. Glittering, luminous fireworks will be launched high into the sky from the reflecting pool area in front of the Washington Monument – visible from multiple locations. This eagerly anticipated sensory-overloading event will be televised nationally, and is one of the most popular in the land, so those wishing to celebrate in person are encouraged to arrive early for optimal vantage points.

New York City, N.Y.

New York City’s fireworks have returned once again to the East River and the city is celebrating big time with the Macy’s 38th annual display that promises to brighten up the Big Apple with plenty of evening sky sparklers. Residents and tourists alike have a plethora of great viewing options along the river, and even from boats sailing in New York harbor. The Brooklyn Bridge will serve as a dramatic backdrop for the show of sound and light that promises to be dazzling….

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