10th Anniversary Ramleela 2014 at VPSS Haveli on Sep 27


HOUSTON: Indo-Americans in Houston will welcome fall 2014 with an exciting presentation of dance drama Ramleela 2014 amid Dussehra and Deepawali (also called Diwali) celebrations. Kalakriti Performing Arts in conjunction with Kusum Sharma’s Shri Natraj School of Dance will stage this show this year at VPSS Haveli Hall. A departure from last few years when it was done at University of Houston. VPSS location offers free and ample parking and closer to many revelers staying at Sugarland and Southwest Houston.
Ramleela is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram, ending up in ten-day battle between Lord Ram and Ravan, as described in the Hindu religious epic, the Ramayana.
This year Ramleela 2014 stage show in Houston will be held on Saturday , September 27, from 4 PM to 6:30 PM at VPSS Haveli located at 11715 Bellfort Village Drive, Houston TX. With new location, new opportunities has presented which is being used to further raise the bar for Ramleela this year with brand new episodes and spectacular effects. In every scene and elements included story, acting and dances, colossal pre-production efforts, props and costume preparation and several months of rehearsal has gone into to make Ram Leela 2014 even more spectacular. Kusum Sharma is the creative mind behind the Ram Leela production since 2005 which gradually evolved into a Broadway-style theatrical play when it was staged in 2010. An overwhelming response from the community encouraged Kusum Sharma to invest the show with several special effects such as the “Flying Hanuman” into the production which has been very popular with children. Ramleela in Houston over the last few years have appealed to young and old alike.
Tickets start at very reasonable $10 and group discount is available for order of 10+ tickets. More details, video from previous years and tickets can be purchased at www.ramleelahouston.org.
Kalakriti Performing Arts expresses their heartiest appreciation to all the supporters, volunteers, performers and sponsor who has supported the Ramleela event in past years.
For further information , sponsorship and volunteering contact Kusum Sharma at info@kalakritiusa.org or www.kalakritiusa.org