10th International Mushaira / Kavi Sammelan by Taqdees-e-Adab at India House


By Ibn-e-Mufti

HOUSTON: Last week the international Mushaira and Kavi Sammelan 2013 was observed in India House located at West Bellfort Avenue. Taqdees-e-Adab and All India Qaumi Ekta Committee were the sponsors of this First Ever Historical Maiden Mushaira of this kind.

Mushaira 2

Normally India has a history of Kavi Sammelan (Hindi Language Mushaira) and Urdu Language Mushaira. Taqdees-e-Adab became the first organization on USA to hold a event like this in Houston to promote love, peace, and unity among all the communities of USA.


Mushaira started  with its socialization at 7pm on October 26, followed by 9pm Dinner; and at 9:30 the Mushaira started. Ibn-e-Mufti – General Secretary of Taqdees-e-Adab after consulting the President of Taqdees-e-Adab and AIQAC Fayyaz Khan started the Mushiara as Nazim-e-Mushaira.

After the short recitation of Quran, he recited a very beautiful Naat-e-Rasool (PBUH) and then as usual he started with local pride of the Houston. Tarannum Shabbir was the first poetess, followed by Dr. Khalid Rizvi with his humorous poetry, then Syed Ahmed Shah Ghazali, Malick Sayeedi, Basit Jalili and Dr. Abida Haq recited their poetry respectively. A new poetess named Dr. Novjot Zoya was introduced by Taqdees-e-Adab that night. Her poetry was hailed by all classes sitting there. After that Neelofar Afshan, Asghar Naqvi, Hina Rizvi, Aasi Rizvi, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar, and Dr.  Zafar Taqvi recited their poetry.

Though Respected Guests came late, but as soon as people heard that Munawar Rana has arrived, a new excitement was observed in the audience, they gave him a standing ovations. The Nazim-e-Mushaira recited his Ghazal and was praised by the Chief Guest Munawar Rana, Khalid Khawja, Sarfaraz Abad, Arif Imam, and other respected Guests. At this moment Ibn-e-Mufti requested Noor Amrohvi of Dallas to do the Nizamat. He invited Dr. Kalim Zia of Mumbai to recite his kalaam and then immediately after that he invited Dr. Zubair Farooq, who is an Arab from UAE to recite his Urdu poetry and people were shocked and enjoyed his general and humorous poetry. Sarfaraz Abad and Khalid Khawja’s poetry was highly praised by the audience.

For Kavi Sammelan, Kavi Abhinav Shukla presented his Kalaam and people of all communities liked his poetry. After that Kavitri Archana Panda came and her dialogue with a mother & daughter caught the attention right away.

Last Poet was the pride of India none other than Munawar Rana. He just conquered the audience and people just wanted to listen to him more and more. He recited his poetry for about 45 minutes and at the end all the audience gave him a standing ovation.

At 2AM this elegant, historical and memorable event came to an end.