11th Anniversary Ramleela 2015

Shri natraj 1in

By Runmee  Barbara

HOUSTON: Festivities will start soon with Durga puja, Navratri, Dusshehra and Diwali  being lined up for celebrations. You no longer need to go to India to watch Ramleela. This season celebrate and spend quality time with family and friends by watching Ramleela 2015 right here. An attraction for a cultural enlightenment  evening for all age group, Ramleela provides glimpses of devotional, spiritual, philosophical and ethical values of the great epic Ramayana.

Kusum Sharma’s Shri Natraj School of dance has been performing Ramleela since 2005. This year is the 11th Annual brought in association with Kalakriti Performing Arts a non-profit organization devoted to spread Indian culture and moral values through artistic performances. Ramleela is directed by Kusum Sharma  who is well-know in Houston for her mythological and contemporary dance dramas like Krishna-Leela, Mughal-e-Azam, Meera, Amrapali and many others. Last year she worked on Houston Grand Opera ‘River of Light’ where she enacted mini Ramleela and played the role of Sita. This year she featured at the Caminos Gitanos, a Spanish cultural event. Ramleela can be witnessed and enjoyed by all. Though the dialogues are in Hindi, English subtitles are projected behind every scene. The use of sparkling costumes, glittering jewelry, dazzling lights, soulful music and melodious Ram bhajans, captivating dances, impactful dialogues, creative props, pyro dancers, fireworks and special effects makes the show a memorable experience for all.

Shri natraj 2in

Kusum Sharma’s creativity, unique production team,  powerful theatrical presentation and performances brings new changes and innovative styles each year to attract the Houston audience. Ramleela is a result of months of preparations and dedicated practice by team of around 100 performers and volunteers.

In these times of social upheaval, it is of paramount importance that we visit these fundamental principles of living which gets overlooked during our quest for carnal desires. This spectacular Ramleela will leave everyone with something to learn and will keep you all enchanted and engaged throughout the show. Come and be a part of this fascinating Threatical style Ramleela on October 18, from 3-6 pm at VPSS Haveli located at 11715 Bellfort Village Dr, Houston, TX 77031.

For further details visit www.ramleelahouston.org