4 tricks to help you stay away from junk food

Junk Food

Take a look at your daily consumption of food. No matter how much you try to control yourself, there are times when you can’t help but reach out for processed or junk food. A few quick tips might just ensure you stay away from the temptation…

Keep the right snacks handy: Get rid of those packets of fried chips and delicious but harmful desserts in your refrigerator. Replace them with healthier options like roasted nuts and dry fruits. You can also opt for roasted potato chips, roasted papad, barbequed paneer and mushrooms that give your taste buds the same kind of satisfaction — minus the oil and excess fat. nFresh over frozen: Frozen and packaged food is convenient, but is nothing compared to using freshly available vegetables and meat.

Meal time cravings: One is often in the mood for fast food. But you can still make a conscious effort while ordering. For instance, opt for whole wheat or brown bread for your sandwich. Opt for greener veggies as fillings and keep away from the mayo and other fatty sauces as much as possible.

At the parties: Staying away from junk food on your own may still seem like a possibility. But it is at parties and gatherings that you tend to let go and indulge in all that is being served. Set an example and ensure your party menu includes healthier options. Opt for fruits platters and innovative salads, and fresh juice instead of aerated drinks to make an impact.


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