5 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram For Travel Planning


Planning your trip in advance is getting easier with travel-enabling websites and apps being available to hand. Instagram is one such treasure trove, which can be used to check out locations and fellow travellers feedback, says an expert.

Aurvind Lama from an online bus booking platform which leverages technology solutions to simplify and streamline bus ticketing processes, suggests how you can make Instagram your best buddy for trips.

1. Follow Locals
Following a local, especially someone who shares your interests, is a great way of receiving tips and trivia about the place you want to visit. Popular or quaint local spots, cozy cafes and exciting local events – all this and more can be accessed through interacting with someone from the city on your itinerary. Do a quick online search on the top Instagram accounts of the city you are planning to visit. Browse through their feed and follow them to stay updated on the best ways to get an authentic taste of your destination.

2. Click On Geotags
These tags display the name of the place where a particular photo was taken. By clicking on the location, you can find out more about the area, including details about the neighbouring region. In addition, you can choose the ‘Open in Maps’ option, to view the tagged location in Google Maps or any other navigation app of your choice. Along with virtually exploring the place, the map option allows you to save the location for later when you are exploring in real time.

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