Everybody have a habit after drinking tea to throw away the tea bag in the trash. But this is wrong thing to do. Even the used bags are too beneficial to throw away.

When you will read about these 5 ways to find usage of the tea bags in your home, you will never throw away any tea bag again.

Here are the tips of how to use the tea sachets at your home:

  1. If you have some skin problems like scratches, bruises, redness, inflammation and insect bites they will be less visible with the assist of the teabags.

All you need to do is to place the bug under running cold water for several minutes and then apply it on the problematic area for 15 minutes.

The tannin contained in the tea will eliminate the inflammation and irritation and will diminish the redness and turgidity.

You can also eliminate herpes, pigment spots and eye bags with the help of cold compressed teabags.

  1. Eliminate the bad smell from your shoes with used and dried tea sachets.

It will absorb the extra moisture and staleness in the shoes. Keep your shoes this way it will benefit you.

  1. You can clean dirty dishes with the teabags, without any chemicals and wasting time.

Macerate the dishes in the sink at night and put a bag of tea at them. In the morning you will not have any problems in cleaning the dirty dishes, faster and better.

  1. The spiders, insects and rodents are running away from the tea sachets, because the smell is forcing them out and scares them too.

Just place the tea sachets in the area where pests are seen and they will never appear here again.

  1. Put one tea sachet in the refrigerator and it will absorb every scent from the other foods and also will withhold the balance of moisture in the refrigerator.

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