5 Stress Busting Foods

healthy food

Is the heat turning you red? Feeling cramped or down in the dumps?  Find it hard to switch off at the end of an exhausting day? Does exercise and meditation only leave your nerves jangling?

If the answer to the above is a definite yes, then we have some have great news for your stressed souls!

All you need to be armed with is some good food to fight off the stress. No, we aren’t suggesting that you eat yourself happy with a tub of ice cream but we have to agree that food can be a great stress busting mojo.

5 everyday foods piling in your kitchen cabinets that you might want to trade your mood-boosting pills with.

1) Oats: We know how stressful waking up early morn can be. Hasn’t it been researched that mornings can be the most stressful hours of the day? They should, if not! A bowl of oats and some fresh fruits finished off with a drop of honey, breakfast that will keep your mood swings and restlessness, throughout the day, in place. Oat meal boosts positive energy as it is considered to be a serotonin enhancer, a chemical that makes you happy….

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