5 treks to villages in Himachal you should definitely opt for


Himalayan villages are not only famed for breathtaking views of the mountains and gushing sounds of the rivers but also for the simple and unfussy life of people in the villages. Spend a day or two in these villages while you are here, just to soak in the vibe and learn more about the lifestyle of these villagers. A night halt in Tosh would not cost you more than 700 bucks and in Kasol, you have options galore as there are many budget and luxurious accommodation options. Camping options are also available in Parvati Valley, Kasol and Malana.

If your idea of holidaying is lazing around in green pastures with a camera in hand, savouring local home-made delicacies and chatting with a bunch of shawl makers sitting in a group; easing off as the day passes; and sink into the silence of the place as the sun sets, then Tosh is the place for you. While you may not call it a completely off-the-beaten-track kind of a village, it still has its charm intact. Owing to its popularity in recent times, Tosh has become extremely popular among backpackers, which has led to opening of numerous homestays and guesthouses in the area. The village is spread over 10 km and is easily walkable. Your trail will take you through apple orchards and hashish plantations, which is the main source of income here. It is recommended to spend at least a night here, witness the freshness of the morning and eat breakfast while alluring the beauty of the mountains, the stream and the valley.

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