Siddhayogi (Shri Guruji) Visits Houston to Teach Pranayama from Bhagavd Gita

By Vinay Karna

Houstonians will be delighted to see a Siddhayogi (Shri Guruji) visit and personally teach the secret internal pranayama from Bhagavad Gita between October 14 and October 30. He breaks the common misconception that pranayama is concerned with external oxygen through nostrils and teaches the scientific pranayama that heals from ailments and help one attain salvation. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn this vidya directly from him. . The teachings and blessings will be for all genders; Male and Female, young above 10 years, and old any age.

Shri Guruji’s discourses and upadesams are organized in different parts of the USA between September 16 through December 12 in Chicago IL, Columbus IN, Lafayette LA, Dallas TX, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, and many places in New Jersey Tristate along with the Houston area. In Houston, particularly, he is set to arrive on October 13, and to participate in the inaugural session of Dussehra Diwali of Shri Sitaram foundation at skeeters stadium.

Yoga has arrived in western world in different forms. Yet, to see yogam teaching by a physician turned yogi is unique and divine. Yogam is quite different from physical yoga. Yogam is an internal pranayama. Dr. Swamy Antarmukhananda (aka Sri Guruji) teaches the true Brahma vidya according to Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. As he is in the Greater Houston area from October 13th through October 30th, serious seekers can take advantage. He is a son, disciple, husband, father, grandfather most of all a loving Siddha Guru guiding his disciples, setting himself as an example.

It was in the early stages of his journey as a doctor in 1978, he was first acquainted with his Gurudev Sri Swami Ramananda Paramahamsa, whose teachings and philosophy changed Dr. Vandana Venkateswara Rao’s (now known as Dr. Swamy Antarmukhananda) life forever. Onsetting his journey to enrich humanity, he teaches the true Siddha Vidya in purest form as it was taught by Sri Krishna to Arjuna.

Being declared “Tvameva Aham” – “You are I” by his Guru, this purna yogi is now ‘peetadhipathi’ of Sri Swamy Ramananda Siddhayoga Gnana Ashramam, Kamannavalasa, AP, India. Tirelessly, he initiates the common man at large to the path of “Brahmavidya”. Sri Guruji, irrespective of the great heights he reached, teaches us the humbleness and humility. He guides his disciples to live a joyful yogic life amidst their duties and responsibilities.

In recent times, when the Covid-19 hit the world, Swami Antarmukhananda and his disciples helped thousands of covid patients to health. He himself taught covid-19 patients this internal pranayama online and achieved great results for the ones who practiced religiously. Under his guidance, no patient required oxygen therapy and no fatalities have been reported till date. Even after complete recovery, many have adopted this Vidya as their lifestyle and have uplifted the quality of their lives.

In Houston metro, his discourses are arranged on October 21 in Pearland at 5PM, contact Mridula Karna at whatsapp 832-654-2866, October 22 in Houston at 5PM, contact Usha Rangaraj at whatsapp 832-441-7657, and on October 23 at Jalram Baba Mandir at West Belfort Avenue, Sugar Land whatsapp 713-540-6310 at 5PM. Dinner prasad will be served after every event. Organizers request RSVP to manage the count for the event.

If anybody likes to meet Siddhayogiji or learn this Siddha internal pranayama, they can meet him between October 13 till October 30, contact Usha Kavart (director of Kalabharati School of music and arts) at whatsapp 713-540-6310,). Siddhayogiji’s disciples are happy to inform that Sri Swamy Ramananda Siddha Yoga Gnana Ashramam, Kamannavalasa Houston Chapter is represented in a beautiful float in Dussehra, Diwali mela in Shri Sitaram foundation’s annual glorious ceremony for Lord Sri Ram on October 15 at Skeeters Stadium, Sugar Land. For further information on any topic, please visit website or contact Ms. Kavart on Whatsapp 713-540-6310.