Kashmiri Biradari Celebrates Jyestha Ashtami

HOUSTON: Jyeshtha Ashtami commonly known as ‘Zyetha Aettham ‘ in Kashmiri is a festival of Mata Ragnya  Bhagwati held every year in Kashmir at KHEER BHAWANI Temple, Tulmula. This auspicious day falls on the eight day of bright half ( waxing fortnight )  of Jyeshtha month of Hindu Soli-lunar calendar.
The historic shrine of Goddess Ragnya (Kheer Bhavani or Ragnya Bhavani Mata) is one of the most revered Hindu temples of Kashmir. It is said that Mata Ragnya, a vaishnav incarnation of goddess Durga resides here. She is also Maa Triporsundari incarnate herself.
This year Zyetha Aetham festival falls on Saturday, 27th May 2023 in USA. Hundreds of devotees from across Texas from the Kashmiri Pandit community attended the age old festival at Houston, Texas with full gusto and vigour. A traditional Yagnya / Homa was performed accompanied by devotional bhajans at the Hindu Worship Society temple at Houston.
After the completion of Yagnya, authentic Kashmiri satvic bhojan including Kheer was also served to all the devotees.