Prashant Muzumdar: 1971-2023

HOUSTON: We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Prashant Muzumdar, loving husband, father, and friend, who passed away on October 3, 2023 in a car accident. Born on February 11, 1971, Prashant’s 52 years were filled with laughter, wisdom, and a profound love for his family and friends. Prashant is survived by his devoted wife, Geeta Muzumdar, and their two inspiring children, Kabir and Sanjana Muzumdar. Prashant’s love and wisdom will continue to light their paths and support them through life’s journey.

A native of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Prashant graduated in 1996 from Pune with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. His talent and dedication in his career led him to become a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas in 2009. His accomplishments included his contribution to improvements of Memorial Park & renovation and expansion of multiple facilities at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Known for his kind heart, jovial nature, and gentle spirit, Prashant believed in living a responsible and balanced life, often sharing wisdom about leading a debt-free life, taking life one day at a time, and love your parents unconditionally. He was an avid reader with a deep appreciation for literature, his favorite books ranged from spiritual texts like the Bhagavad Geeta to inspiring works such as How To Live in 24 Hours. He always taught his family to understand the struggles of historical characters and how we can be inspired by them and when life gets tough for us, we look to these individuals to gain strength. Prashant’s compassionate character touched all those around him, leaving an enduring impact on his family, friends, and community. He will be deeply missed, but his spirit, wisdom, and love will forever live on in the hearts of all those he touched.