Empowering Women: A Vibrant Tribute by Houston Maharashtra Mandal

NASA engineer Anima Patil-Sabale (center in uniform) speaking to an HMM audience on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Audience of Marathi women celebrated International Women’s Day at Mahesh’s Kitchen.


HOUSTON : In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Houston Maharashtra Mandal orchestrated a dynamic and uplifting gathering named ‘Maitreyi,’ a Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal initiative. This event drew together an assorted group of exceptional women, converging to honor the resilience and determination that define their journeys.

At the heart of the event stood Anima Patil-Sable, whose captivating narrative resonated deeply with all attendees. With a background in Aerospace Engineering, she shared her story of unwavering perseverance, navigating the complexities of pursuing a master’s degree while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and a demanding career. Her tale served as a guiding light, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

‘Maitreyi’ buzzed with an atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie as women shared anecdotes, laughter, and words of wisdom. Discussions spanned from achieving a harmonious work-life balance to overcoming personal obstacles, highlighting the strength found in unity.

Poets and speakers at the event.

The event also showcased engaging activities such as poetry recitations by Priya Deosthale and Varsha Halbe, stand-up comedy by Gayatri Dhekane, and a delightful culinary spread courtesy of entrepreneur Shubhangi Musale from Mahesh’s Kitchen.

Neetal Adkar, President of the Houston Maharashtra Mandal, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants and speakers, emphasizing the importance of collective celebration and acknowledgment of women’s achievements.

As attendees bid adieu to ‘Maitreyi,’ they left with a renewed sense of empowerment and determination to pursue their aspirations with unwavering fervor. The event served as a poignant reminder that with support and solidarity, women can overcome any obstacle.

In summary, the Maitreyi event organized by the Houston Maharashtra Mandal emerged as a triumphant celebration of empowerment and solidarity on International Women’s Day. Let us continue to inspire and empower women to reach new heights and make a lasting impact on the world. Happy International Women’s Day!