8th Annual Eid Milan by IMAGH

Arshad Matin

Arshad Matin

HOUSTON: Indian Muslims Association of Greater Houston (IMAGH), is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization serving the South Asian community. The organization will be celebrating its 8th Annual Eid Milan on July 1 at Marriott Westchase Hotel. Eid Milan is an annual event where friends, neighbors, and colleagues, from the larger Houston Community come to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr all under one roof. Eid-ul-Fitr is a religious holiday celebrated worldwide by Muslims, marking the end of Ramadan, a fasting month.

This year’s theme, “Many Faces of Indian Muslims” is to recognize the diversity within this community and honor those who have contributed to society with their talents and great work ethics. IMAGH is proud to welcome India’s Consul General, Dr. Anupam Ray as the Guest of Honor and the Vedanta Society of Greater Houston as the Guest Organization. This year’s Event Chair is a successful entrepreneur, Arshad Matin, President and CEO of Paradigm Inc. He has an outstanding record of managing multi-million dollar companies and community involvement. To motivate the youth and to bring a new perspective in the community, Aziz Akbari will be the guest speaker this year. He is a bright young individual who ran for Mayor at the age of 18! He is a fine example of what youth can accomplish when they follow their dreams.

Under the leadership of Munir Ibrahim, the new President of IMAGH, the organization has substantial new ideas and suggestions being incorporated in this grand event. Along with the Chair, Dr. Yunus Langha of the Organizing Committee, both have brought a new prospect of what the organization will continue to do. The purpose of Eid Milan is to promote the message of peace, unity, tolerance, and continues to break the boundaries between communities, cultures, and religions. IMAGH is a non-profit organization and an umbrella for two other organizations, Club 65 and South Asian Youth Alliance (SAYA). Club 65’s purpose is to provide activities for seniors and keep them educated, entertained, and active in the community. SAYA is a platform for the youth to explore their heritage, promoting South Asian identity, networking, and developing leadership.

A part of IMAGH’s vision is to celebrate Muslim festivities with other organizations and the community. Please join this year’s Eid Milan to celebrate this gathering of the diverse Houston community!

For more information about the event, call its President, Munir Ibrahim, at (832) 267-5123 or Latafath Hussain at 713-269-6171 or email at info@imagh.org.