9th Annual Vedic Fair: Amazing Eight Hours of Facebook Live Performance

HOUSTON: Ninth Annual Vedic Fair, the first ever LIVE Virtual celebrations of India, happened in Houston on Saturday July 25th. It was an amazing 8 hours non-stop LIVE program that kept audience glued to their screens from start to finish.  The Fair featured Yoga showcase by World renowned Yogini Kaliji and various diverse aspects of India About 170+ artists and presenters safely participated virtually.

Fort Bend County Judge Mr. KP George, US Congressman from 9th district of Texas Congressman Al Green and Congressional Candidate for TX District 22 Sri Preston Kulkarni addressed about the pandemic and the importance of following CDC guidelines. Special thanks to DJ AJ for all his help.

Vedic Fair 9 started off with Lighting of the Lamp while Hanuman Swamiji of Sri Rama Jaya Niketan Temple (SRJN) recited Veda Mantras, followed by SRJN kids chanted Hanuman Chalisa. Costume contest was a treat to audience eyes, 65 participants presented various Gods, Goddesses and devotees of ancient India. Costumes and the backdrop decorations were vibrant and devotional. In 1 – 5 age category Yatharth Sarda (winner), Akshaj Yempati (1st runner up), Vibha Setty & Dhruvan Setty (2nd runner up). In 6 – 10 age category Manssiga Manigandan (winner), Anshi Putcha & Nakshatra Jandhyam (1st runner up), Anvi Putcha (2nd runner up). In 11- 15 age category Gitali Yempati (winner). All 65 participants will receive trophies for their participation.

Virtual Anagha Lakshmi Vrat that was prescribed by Sri Ganapathy Sachithananda Swamiji for protection from COVID19 was performed by Hanuman Swamiji of SRJN and Ramakrishna ji of Datta Yoga Center, Houston. Pooja added serene atmosphere to the fair.

Commonality of the Divine was celebrated by Interfaith Presentations from 5 different faiths. Christianity was presented by Sam Philip of Telugu Christian Fellowship, Jainism by Tanvi Jain and Adi Vora of JVB Preksha Meditation Center, Hinduism by Geetha Ravula of Ashirwad A Blessing, Islam by Syed Hamid Hussaini of Islamic Society of Greater Houston, Sikhism by Bhupinder Singh and Mr Dilip Amin introduced his book Interfaith Marriage. World famous Bhakti Artist Syamarani Didi highlighted the commonality in all faiths and presented Bhakti Yoga, Yoga Through Devotion. She is the first female devotee of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. She gave life to 200+ paintings that can be seen at BhaktiArt.net. Fair featured workshops on Ayurveda by Smt Usha Devi Pillai, Homeopathy by Ms. Anusha Thiagarajan, Rangoli by Smt. Hema Sarda.

Dance Talent Competition featured 9 Finalists, who wowed the audience by their classical, fusion, Bhangra styles of dance. Winners of Dance Talen Competition are Ms. Nitya Kodali (Winner), Ms. Veda Suresh (1st runner up & People Choice Award) and Ms. Nikhita (2nd runner up).

Ramayan Exhibits Competition based on Indian History epic Ramayan, featured 11 topics by Ashirwad Indian Lifestyle Class Kids who are 9 years and above. Sai Pardhu Aki with his presentation on Yuddha Kand was declared VEDIC FAIR 2020 Champion. Aviv Gupta is the runner up for his presentation on Ayodhya Kand.

Highlight of the program was the Yoga segment. ShriRam Sarvotham ji of Ekashri Schools of Yoga shared breathing techniques and demonstrated yoga asanas. Demonstration included various Asanas (Poses) including Seershasan (Head-Stand), the flexibility of his body was phenomenal that kept audience thrilled and inspired. Yoga segment also showcased a modern AcroYoga presentation by young couple Shravani & Parvesh and Kids yoga presentation by Ashirwad Indian Lifestyle Kids.

World renowned Yogini Kaliji mesmerized viewers with her Divine energy and shared TriYoga flow. Her mudra formations were excellent. With about 2000+ volunteers in 68 locations, TriYoga has its presence in 40 different countries. Yogini Kali was enlightened with Kundalini Yoga by Divine grace when she was 24 years old. She was not aware of Hinduism or Kundalini practices then and she didn’t have a Guru in physical form. Kaliji received many poses and mudras from the Universe in a natural way. Vedic Fair Event Chair Smt Geetha Ravula met Yogini Kaliji in June 2019 when they co-hosted Ganapathy Sachidananda’s Music for Meditation and Healing Music Concert. When they both started speaking, the conversation led to Mrs Ravula discovering Yogini Kaliji’s spiritual journey. Meeting that was supposed to be for 10 min exceeded over an hour sharing their spiritual journeys. Both involuntarily thought they would do something together for the community. Before her presentation Yogini Kaliji referred to this meeting and acknowledged the same being executed by Divine grace now.

The finale of the evening was 2020 Show “11 Rudras and 9 Durgas”, directed by Smt Geetha Ravula. The play portrayed Warrior forms of Universal Energy Adi Shakthi’s and the Redeemer of the universe Lord Shiva’s. These warrior forms of Durga and Rudra are the powers to overcome the darkness and fight & annihilate the evil forces. The play was phenomenal and was a delight to watch.

Vedic Fair 9 concluded with wonderful Hanuman Chalisa Dance performance by Ms Lakshmi Peter and Smt Geetha Rvaula and melodious Arti by Singer DJ AJ Ajay Kumar. Special Thanks to Hanuman Swamiji, Arun & Vinnie Verma, Sri Ravula, Shoba Joshi, Vanshika Vipin,  Asa Jyothi Devaki, DJ AJ, Divena Donthi, Sailaja Grandhi, Hariesh Rayakantti, Judges and volunteers, participants, sponsors for celebrating India in an outstanding manner. Vedic Fair 9 video can be still viewed at facebook.com/VedicFair