A beautiful Diksha at Chinmaya Prabha

Photos: Rajesh Thatte

Photos: Rajesh Thatte

By Padmashree Rao

HOUSTON:  On this auspicious morning of August 12, 2017, just after 8 am, the audience in Chinmaya Smrti hall were witness to a most profound and moving Diksha ceremony.

Aditi Deshmukh, a child of  Chinmaya Balavihar Houston, born to two blessed parents, Jay and Rohini Deshmukh, and raised with a great love for spirituality, received her Brahmacarini Diksa from Pujya Mukhya Swami Swaroopanandaji, the global head of Chinmaya Mission who is presently at Houston for an awe-inspiring jnana yajna on “Ik Onkaar.”


Giving her the new name of Brni. Shweta Chaitanya chosen by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, Mukhya Swamiji inspired her to brilliant purity of purpose as her new name suggests. He blessed her to carry the message of the scriptures (pravacana) and reminded her to be steadfast in her self-study (swadhyaya).

Aditi’s spiritual journey began from childhood at Balavihar nurtured by the loving guidance of the Acaryas, Sri Gaurangbhai and Smt. Darshanaben. After graduating from University of Texas, Austin, she followed a deeper calling and completed her Vedanta Course at Sandeepany, Mumbai, under the great tutelage of Swami Bodhatmananda. Just a few months back, Aditi finished her secular commitment of earning a post-graduate degree from Columbia University. The decision became very firm in her mind about dedicating herself to uninterrupted Chinmaya sadhana.


Her transformational journey found its first momentous milestone this morning when she offered herself to the Chinmaya monastic order and donned her yellow clothes.

Overwhelmed by the sheer and sublime power of the Chinmaya Guru Parampara that has transformed an earnest and inspired Aditi into a serene and dedicated Brahmacarini Shweta Chaitanya, the audience was overjoyed, moved, proud, and also humbled by the uplifting ceremony. There were eyes moist with tears of joy and hearts full with a sense of great love.

 The entire Chinmaya family of Houston is honored to be part of her noble journey and pray for the new Brahmacarini’s spiritual fulfillment. Hari Om!

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