A Classic Treat by Vidwan Vijay Siva


By Mahalakshmi Siva

HOUSTON: One of the torchbearers of the D K Pattammal & D K Jayaraman school of Music, Sri. Vijay Siva is an artist with a very deep and sincere approach to his music, who always strives hard to give his best. On September 18, Houston classical rasikas were treated with a grand carnatic vocal concert by Sri.N. Vijay Siva organized by HYMA (Houston Youth Music Association) and BKM Houston.

Truly a born singer, Vijay siva chose to start his concert with Annamacharya kriti ‘Vandeham’ in the raga Hamsadhwani. That set the tone for the rest of the concert and prepared the audience for the three hours of rich musical experience. This was followed by a Dikshitar’s navagraha kriti ‘Soorya moorthe’ in praise of Sun God Surya in the raga Sourashtram.

With a crisp alapana in the raga Kasiramakriya (Pantuvarali), he sang the  Diskshitar kriti Sri Sundararajam Bhajeham.  Vijay Siva continued to enthrall the audience with a beautiful Composition of Arunachala Kavirayar,  ‘Arivar Yar Unnai’ in the ragam  Mukhari.  He made it lot more attractive with Kalpana Swaras. Vidwan R. K. Shriramkumar’s (another torch bearer of DKP/DKJ tradition) reply in violin comprised all the ingredients that were infused by Vidwan Vijay Siva.


Prior to starting the main piece of the concert ‘Enduku peddala, a composition of Tyagaraja’, he sang ‘Manasuloni Marmamu’ in the raga Varamu, a composition of St.Tyagaraja, less heard in concert circuit these days. Vijay Siva next executed a well-planned Sankharabharanam raga alapana and it was in two stages, interspersed with violin interlude. It was indeed a grand treat for the rasikas with the lengthy sancharas. The swara segment again was rich with the raga content. Violinist R. K. Shriramkumar has the ability to modulate his playing to suit the style of the main artist, thereby providing the best support. He matched Vijay Siva in every facet of his singing. Ace mridangist J.Vaidyanathan (son of vocalist’s guru DKJ) is one of the  most knowledgeable mridangists in the field today. His anticipatory moves made it even more interesting, which he continued in the tani that followed. Vocal support was provided by Sri Pramod Gokhale and Tambura supported by Kumari Kruthi Bhat of Houston.

Vijay Shiva brought melody to the Ahiri raga kriti “Mayamma Yanine”, a Shyama Shastri composition following the main piece. His clear diction made the rendering exercise a lot more enjoyable. What a soulful rendition it was! RTP in the ragam Abheri with Swarakshara ragamalika swaras in the ragas Todi, Mohanam and Valaji showcased the artist’s brilliance.

Vijay Siva and his accompanists, displayed enormous control and manodharma at the same time in navigating through the Pallavi. RTP was followed by lighter pieces ‘Mathada Baradheno’ (Kamas – Naraharidas), Versus from Narayaneeyam (Rukmini Kalyanam) set to ragamalika (ragas  Revati, Chenjurutti, Kuntalavarali, Kapi, Bageswari and Manirangu), Krishna bhajan ‘Naam Japan Kyun Chhod Diya’, Thiruppugazh ‘Timira vudhadhi’ and a Bharathiyar composition in the raga Nadhanamakriya. The concert concluded with a composition of Sri.Krishna Premi.

The artists were felicitated by Vidushi Krishnaveni Hebbar and Vidushi Rajarajeshwary Bhat and a short and sweet blessings by Janaki Viswanathan concluded the evening. The music lovers of Houston dispersed hoping to hear many more lovely concerts.