A Grand International Moshaira at Houston: Organized by Aligarh Alumni Association of Texas

HOUSTON: Mushaira has been an annual event organized by the Aligarh Alumni Association of Texas at Houston for the last several years. The Aligarh Alumni Association of Texas is a not-for-profit organization that stands to promote social, cultural and educational programs. This year in Houston the Moshaira was held on August 27,at Arab American Culture Center, where the guest poets were; Fahmida Riaz, Naseer Turabi, Iqbal Ashar, Sarmad Sehbai, Shakeel Azmi and Haider Hasnain Jaleesi.

This year, great contribution of Mohtarma Fahmida Riyaz to Urdu poetry and literature was recognized by honoring her with Ali Sardar Jafri Literary Award. This award was conferred by the Counsel General of Pakistan. After recognition of great poetess, Urdu poetry collection of Dr. Nausha Asrar, “Dil Se Dil Tuk” was revealed. Dr. Nausha Asrar is a Material Scientist by profession, but has lot of passion of learning languages and has great skill of writing poetry in Urdu and Hindi languages. Big applause by the audience of Moshaira during revelation of his poetry collection confirmed high respect of his poetic abilities among the connoisseur of Urdu and Hindi poetry.


The responsibility of Nizamat-e-mushaira (compering of mushaira) was on Perwaiz Jafri, who as usual welcomed the Shoa’ra karam (honorable poets) on the stage and skillfully conducted the program. Initially, zahamat-e-kalaam was given to the local poets who presented awesome ghazal and poetry and set the stage for the beautiful evening of shai’ri. Local poets were brief to save more time for our guest poets who came from India and Pakistan. Our own Dr Nausha Asrar, member of the Association, Ishrat Afreen,  Afzal Firdaus, Arif Imam, Hena Rizvi and Dr. Shagufta Riaz were part of the local team of poets who were very much appreciated by the listeners. Nausha Asrar’s poem Jihad-e-Kamil was undoubtedly a remarkable poetry written on the burning issue of Jihad and against terrorism. Articulation of the facts, choice of words and mind blowing message to Muslims to fight against terrorism was one of the master piece of his poetry.


Mohtarma Fahmida Riaz recited a thought provocative shai’ri on existing social and political issues. Janab Naseer Turabi and Sarmad Sehbai presented best pieces of shairi. Iqbal Ashar and Shakeel Azmi presented heart throbbing ghazals  and poems in his typical melodious tunes, which touched the hearts and souls of the listeners. Hasnain Jaleesi shared nice poetic humor with the listeners.

The audience enjoyed wonderful shairi with social interaction, chai and samosa. The event was attended by 500 plus men, women and youth.