A New Initiative to Impact Policies in India – IGAO


HOUSTON: IIT Alumni rolled out a new advocacy initiative, IGAO, to impact developmental and other policies in India at the IIT2013 conference in Houston this past December. It gives opportunities to any concerned individual to draw attention to a problem, propose solutions and seek inputs from IGAO members to land on best options. The solutions may be developed in-house or drawn from other sources. The thrust of IGAO is to shine light on the burning issues facing India, and draw on the energies, expertise, passions and other resources of concerned and informed individuals to rally behind best solutions. These solutions will then be presented to appropriate agencies in private and public sectors, and government officials as recommended Policy Resolutions for action.

IGAO’s focus is on Right Policies for India, and not on the political landscape. IGAO currently has roots in both India and USA. It will expand depending on people’s will.

Visit www.igao-us.org  to learn more. Please come to India House (8888 W Bellfort, Houston) on Sunday, Feb 9th from 3:00-4:30 pm for a meeting to understand why this initiative is needed, and see how you can impact policies in India. Most IGAO work for most participants will be web based requiring zero travel. Please register for Feb 9th meeting at the IGAO website. IGAO membership and meetings are open to all who believe in this mission.

For further details contact Anand Gupta at 713-569-2365 or visit www.igao-us.org