A Quick Vastu Guide to Achieve Success in Examinations

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Programme your space to facilitate better concentration, memory and excellent grades for your children

HOUSTON: As the examinations are approaching, parents have started complaining that their children do not concentrate in studies, or do not study at all! Some of them think that the various modern means of technology, such as Computers, Internet, Mobiles and Laptop, etc., are responsible for this. But rarely do the parents wonder if there is a fault lurking within the very environment where the child lives. And even where the parents suspect the existence of such a fault, he or she could be misled by many baseless myths.

Documented Case studies in MahaVastu show how our subconscious mind and concentration is influenced by things kept in different directions in our homes. As per MahaVastu, studying in different zones in your home produces different effects


Here is a Vastu quick guide, which if followed, will help your child to study well and get good grades.

1. The North-East zone is responsible for mental clarity and wisdom. Students studying in this zone will think and develop new ideas and develop insights required to excel in their studies. If this zone is afflicted by being cut, missing or overextended, or has a wrong colour scheme or a kitchen or bathroom, then it will be difficult to attain mental balance and develop concentration.

2. The West-South-West is the Zone of Studies – Keep books, study material or study table in this zone and your child will naturally feel inclined towards studies. With a washing machine in this zone, the child may study as hard as he/she can, but will always feel drained out. In the examination hall, the mind may become totally blank. This zone also equips the child with power, energy and capacity for the retention of knowledge.

3. In contrast, if the study table is placed in East-North-East zone, kids will be more inclined towards fun activities (like reading story books, novels, etc.,) than studying.

4. Similarly, studies done in the South-South-West Zone will prove futile, as this is the zone of disposal. Never keep study material, books or study table in this zone as kids will secure poor grades or may even fail.

5. Location of the child’s bed being in East-South-East, Vastu zone of churning and anxiety can lead to inner conflicts and doubts. This is the greatest impediment in focussing their attention and grasping of the subject. Even their books placed in this zone lead to poor understanding and retention due to over analysis.

6. With respect to children, who do not pay much attention towards studies, the study table should be in the middle of the South-West and West Vastu zones. If children do not concentrate on their books and are easily and frequently distracted, they should study facing towards the West.’

In a MahaVastu case study, the child used to cry whenever his parents asked him to study. Can you guess where his study table was lying? It was in the Zone of Depression and Low Moods, i.e., the West-North-West. If you know the logics of Vastu Shastra, or learn them in a two-day Vastu Course, you can yourself ensure the right placement of activities and objects in your home and programme your space to facilitate better concentration, memory and excellent grades for your children.

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