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Photos: Aventography


By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: In Vogue, a comprehensive fashion show dedicated to bring awareness about child abuse came-out to be one of the most successful events in the recent past. The high-end fashion event was aimed at supporting child advocates Fort Bend, dealing with child abuse initiative taken by the A.R. Designers Arefa Merchant. Arefa Merchant jewelry’s are popularly known as one of the richest and purest forms of jewelry’s ever made. The jewels made by Arefa are also renowned as Maharani of Jewels. Since Arefa has a strong family background devoted in to jewels and diamonds they set high standards for all their designs they make. Arefa Jewelry’s taking the initiative to raise a voice against child abuse definitely did wonders.

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Arefa Merchant (Center) with Neha Shukla and Nirju Tailor.

In Vogue-Come fall in Love with Fashion 2015 was supported and sponsored by KAS Inspiration – Aisha Khan, Aventography – Zia Ahmed and was hosted on February 8, at the Hilton Post Oak. Guests were in abundance of about 500 willing to participate and contribute for the cause.

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A panel of reputed mental health professionals started off the session. The panel included some eminent personalities and renowned specialists like Asma Rahim, Teresa Cox Reading, Diana Collins and Betsy De Vega. Being the owner of Rahim Counseling and Consulting Services, Asma Rahim to the best of her expertise conveyed some wonderful message to the audience. Asma Rahim is very popular in Sugar Land, as she has being providing talk therapy and counseling services for life issues to individuals from more than 15 years now.

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Samia Adil

Another specialist from the panel, Teresa Cox Reading, took over who is a nurse by profession. She is an RN Practice Administrator and has been working at William H Reading and provides psychiatric and TMS services. Diana Collins, was then next to take the center stage to share her thoughts on child abuse and showing her support for the cause. Diana Collins has completed her fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry and also has earned her degree at University of Texas Health Science Centre. She is also a part of the Mental Health America of the Medical Society. Betsy De Vega then took off to conclude the session sharing her valuable experience and thoughts on the same. Betsy De Vega happens to be the founder of the School KniLE Learning Centre in Richmond, Texas.

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Arefa Merchant (left) with Pooja Lodhia

After all the Medical Specialists were done with their session then began the much awaited and interesting second event, The Fashion Show. The best thing about the second half of the event was that shopping was open to public while fashion show was invite only. The theme around which the fashion show revolved was awareness about child abuse. A big list of vendor team was present in the event to enhance the significance of it. The vendor team was Panache Designs by Sharmeen, Sania Maskatiya, Anamika Choubey of Anakooki and Hema Prasad -Pushkala fine Diamond Jewelry, Fashion Show-N2Production, and Fariba Kosravi – Candence Bank Sponsor. Samia Adil, a popular DJ, provided the music for the evening, the emcee was Pooja Lodhia from ABC13, FOX newsreader was Jaquei Baly, and Ruchi Mekherjee of Lights Camera Action.

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The event was concluded successfully and left the audience with a positive intent in their minds saying, “Each of us, Need all of us, to be successful”.