A Unique Opportunity for Spiritual Seekers

Swami 1in

Swami Vidyadhishananda

By Chitra Divakaruni

Swami Vidyadhishananda Visits Houston

HOUSTON: Houstonians interested in spirituality, dharma teachings, wellness and mindfulness have a unique and valuable opportunity coming up in the next couple of weeks. His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, the spiritual founder of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, will be visiting our city and will offer three unique events to the community.

Readers might remember having attended his thought-provoking and inspiring discourses and fellowships in past years in venues as diverse as University of Houston, Rice University, Arya Samaj, Ashtalaxmi Temple, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Museum of Fine Arts.

Swami Vidyadhishananda is an ordained Vedic monk of the ‘Giri’ monastic order who reveals to us a Himalayan tradition of Vedic wisdom based on his lineages of Sanskrit heritage. He is a Himalayan meditation master from the combined heritage of rishi sages and nāth yogis. Such a unique combination of a yogi, mystic and scholar is rarely seen in a saintly teacher. His Holiness teaches Vedic philosophies with exquisite clarity and initiates seekers into Himalayan meditation techniques.

He is among the very few scholars in the West to hold the degree of Mahāmahopādhyāy (Great Ordained Teacher) awarded by the university system in India due to his scholarly and meditative interpretation of Sanskrit literature. His sublime recitation of Sanskrit peace chants opened the 54th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1999. He has lectured around the world as an emissary of peace, bridging spiritual traditions and sharing the universal teachings of the Vedic wisdom. As the founding monk of the United States nonprofit organization, Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, he is a guiding light to seekers and devotees. To be in his presence has proved life-changing for many seekers.

All three Houston events are free to the public but with pre-registration. Interested seekers may register online at swamahiman.org/houston

1. Hansayogin Prānāyāma Workshop
The first event is a two day workshop on Himalayan prānāyāma techniques hosted by India House. Participants will have the opportunity to learn authentic Himalayan prānāyāma techniques and Vedic secrets of prāna (life-force). The foundational breathing of Ujjāyi and Udgitha will be introduced. They will learn a unique set of prānāyāma techniques to increase awareness of the internal sound, cleanse nādi (energy channels) and balance agni (digestive fire). When practiced daily these techniques increase physical energy, bring about mindfulness and restore wellness. The workshop will be held on the weekend of September 12th & 13th from 9am – 1:30pm each day at India House, 8888 W Bellfort St, Houston, TX 77031.

2. Introduction to Yogic Upāsanā Meditation
Upon the invitation of the Heights School of Yoga, His Holiness will offer Sanskrit peace chants and an hour long discourse, which will be followed by a guided meditation. The discourse will explore yogic upāsanā, a conception-based meditation using yogic techniques. The practice includes attaining emptiness of the mind and then conceiving light in the heart. The discourse and guided meditation will be followed by a blessing/greeting line. This event will be held on Wednesday, 16th Sept 2015 at 7:00pm at the Heights School of Yoga, 1547 Rutland Street, Houston, TX 77008.

3. Holistic Learning the Vedic Way
The final program in Houston is titled Holistic Learning the Vedic Way. During this discourse and multimedia presentation His Holiness will elucidate how traditional Vedic learning is nonlinear and promotes accelerated learning. These methods have been successfully practiced by generations of students to improve memory and preserve lineage-based indigenous knowledge. This accelerated learning relies on combining sublime recitation and breathing techniques. Children feel inspired by whole-brain learning which brings about development of personality and graduation with values. Swami Vidyadhishananda will explain why breathless chanting of verses by heart has been deemed a hallmark of holistic learning for children and adults alike. The discourse and presentation will be followed by a short guided meditation. Supper will be served to all attendees during and after the darshan line. This event is hosted by Self Enquiry Life Fellowship and will take place on Saturday, 19th September at 6:00pm at VPSS of Houston, Vallabh Hall, 11715 Bellfort Village Drive, Houston, TX 77031.

For further information about these events contact the Self Enquiry Life Fellowship volunteers at houston.tx@swamahiman.org or 832-780-9008.