Aadi Sukravara Deepa Pooja at Sri Meenakshi Temple

MTS-IN01By Nachal Sethuraman

PEARLAND: Aadi Sukravara Deepa Pooja was celebrated with great divinity on August 10, Friday at Sri Meenakshi Temple.  The Fridays of Aadi, the tamil month is considered very sacred for Shakthi and Lakshmi worship.

Symbollically the Deepam (oil lamps) are considered to be the place where Lakshmi resides. Ladies invoke Goddess Lakshmi in the lamps and do Pooja to the lamp, following Preist’s instructions.

MTS-IN02Preists Sri Sridharan Raghavan, Sri Pawan Kumar, Sri Sriman Narayana and Sri Satish conducted a wonderful Deepa Pooja by decorating the Altar with Urchava murthis of Sri Venkateshwara, Bhoodevi and Sree Devi along with a Kalasam and 8 lamps considered to be the Ashtalakshmi Devata .

Many ladies took part in the pooja and simple Dinner and Prasadam was served after the Pooja.  The event was co ordinated by Nachal Sethuraman and Saro Alagappan.