Abhishek Upmanyu, Comedy Show in Houston on September 16

After the tremendous success of Varun Thakur on April 27, DMMS Events bring Abhishek Upmanyu to our town on Sunday September 16, at the Stafford Civic Center at 6.30 pm. Abhishek is one of the many stand up comedians who are a new breed of comedians who are ready to entertain audiences world over. It’s not a stretch to say that comedians are the new superstars of this generation. They receive the kind of adulation that was reserved for actors and cricketers — fan art, fan pages on social media, and being hounded for selfie requests.

Carving their niche within this space now is a new subset of stand-up comics. The ones that prefer using Hindi as their medium. Performers such as Abhishek Upmanyu are comics who grew up in predominantly Hindi-speaking cities such as Delhi. And what’s driving is his decision to use Hindi on stage is the need to stay true to his own experiences.


Arif Memon (left) with Varun Thakur

A clip of Upmanyu talking about sarcastic Indian parents went viral earlier (2017). It’s evident that he’s a rapid speaker with a peculiar north Indian accent. “Once, in Bengaluru [before the viral videos], I asked the crowd if they understood Hindi, and they said yes. But soon enough, they couldn’t follow me. They said, ‘Hume yeh wali Hindi nahi aati hai’ (we don’t understand this kind of Hindi).

Abhishek has various videos on YouTube and almost all of them have over 10M views. He has entertained people in Singapore and Dubai during the earlier part of this year. Being a rapid speaker his current US Tour is called – Thoda Saaf Bol. He is one of the best that India has, his delivery, relatability, innovation, he’s got it all. From dealing with the plight of being an ugly baby to getting millions of views on his Youtube channel, this guy has come a long way.

Abhishek has moved to Mumbai for “better prospects” which according to him may or may not materialize but has sure given him crazy material for his stand-ups. His typical Delhite accent is what makes his stories funnier. He is a thin, nerdy looking guy who is funny first through his body language and then his jokes. The way he puts it, his jokes are his experiences in the cities he had lived in and his memories from childhood, but they are funnier than any of ours. This is definitely an hour of non-stop laughter with brand new jokes told in the Upmanyu way. Ranked highly among the top Indian Stand Up comedians Abhishek brings in a laughter filled evening which is guaranteed to leave one and all splitting with laughter. Arif Memon from DMMS Events says that shows like these bring in some kind of relief for the busy people of today. After this there is a 2-comedian show scheduled for Oct 20, and the people that attend this show will get a special deal for that show.

Tickets are available at tickethungama.com or call Arif Memon at 832-287-8786.