ACT Foundation USA Celebrates Earth Day with Fruit Tree Planting

HOUSTON: In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, 2023, the ACT Foundation USA team contributed 60 fruit-bearing trees to the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive, initiated by Mohanji, a notable humanitarian and philanthropist. The movement has already planted close to 90,000 fruit trees globally, promoting ecological balance and adding value to the communities they collaborate with.

These 60 trees were then planted at Texas Gaushala in Houston, where the event was attended by parents, youth, and children, with Neeta Sane, a former HCC Trustee for District VII in Fort Bend County, serving as a distinguished guest. Sane relished the experience of planting trees and feeding cows, and the group expressed their appreciation to Mohanji, their founder, for providing them with a platform to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

In Mohanji’s words,

“Fruit tree plantation is not just an act of kindness; it is a social responsibility. This is giving the fruits of kindness to the coming generations beyond species. Fill the forests with fruit trees. Plant more fruit trees in and around your city. It brings sweet grace to our lives beyond time!”