Aditya’s entry to spice up drama quotient in Sony TV’s Ekk Nayi Pehchaan


Thanks to its much appreciated script that has kept viewers hooked to Sony Entertainment Television’s Ekk Nayi Pehchaan (Jay and Kinnari Mehta Productions), this unique saas bahu saga has been grabbing enormous number of eye balls these days.

As seen so far, the entry of Aditya (Deepak Sandhu) has created a buzz in the love life of Karan (Karan Sharma) and Sakshi (Krystle D’souza).

Aditya, who is Sakshi’s ex-boyfriend, had dumped her for he did not wish to get married. But after saving Sharda’s (Poonam Dhillon) life, Aditya has once again made an entry into the life of Sakshi.

And in the coming episodes, Sharda will unknowingly make life a bit difficult for Sakshi. She will invite her saviour Aditya to the Modi house to have dinner with the family.

Here after being highly impressed by Aditya’s charm, Suresh (Sooraj Thappar) will offer him to join their business. And as a matter of fact, it will be seen that both Karan and Aditya will be working on the same project….

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