After Chief Justice breaks down, PM proposes a closed-door meeting


NEW DELHI: After the Chief Justice of India (CJI) broke down in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday on the issue of the overworked judiciary, the PM proposed a closed-door meeting with him to discuss manpower issues and judicial reforms.

The PM’s invitation came in response to CJI TS Thakur’s impassioned speech at a conference on Sunday of chief ministers and high court justices, during which he urged the government to refrain from criticizing the judiciary because judicial reform was in the hands of the executive – and the executive hasn’t kept its part of the bargain.

“… it is not only in the name of a litigant or people languishing in jails but also in the name of development of the country, its progress that I beseech you to rise to the occasion and realise that it is not enough to criticise. You cannot shift the entire burden on the judiciary,” the Chief Justice said, choking up.

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