Ajna Chakra


By Yogacharya Surakshit Goswami

What is the significance of tilak (bindi) among Hindus? —Rashmi Sood, 42 
The tilak is of great spiritual consequence to Hindus. Applied on the forehead between the brows, it is a point of immense power and piety. The spot where the bindi is applied is where the body’s most important chakra rests — the Ajna chakra. Our body has seven key chakras, energy centres. These chakras are a source of tremendous power. The Ajna chakra is particularly sacred, as it is the point of confluence of the three main nadis — ida, pingala and shusumna. Therefore, it is also reverentially called Triveni or sangam.
As the centre of all cosmic energy, this pivotal spot is known as guru sthan, site. Our consciousness resides here; it is also the dwelling place of our mind. Our entire body is controlled from here.

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Credit: timesofindia.speakingtree.in