Akshay Kumar’s Singing Voice in It’s Entertainment is Female


If men dressing in women’s outfits wasn’t a trend enough already in Bollywood, here’s Akshay Kumar trying out something new – he lip-syncs to a female voice for the song Johnny Johnny for It’s Entertainment.

The song is the first to be released from the album of the forthcoming film It’s Entertainment, which marks the directorial debut of writers Farhad-Sajid.

The track, based on a very popular nursery rhyme, has Akshay lip-synching to a female’s voice in a funny style. He will be seen singing some hilarious lines like Maine Pee Nahiii and Haanji Main Peela Di Gayi.

The lines are extremely catchy and the grooving music has taken the song to a different level.

On the decision to make playback singer Priya sing for Akshay, the director duo said, “Our song is light-hearted, in high spirits and everyone is in a party mood. In a small subtle way, we are showing our support for women empowerment, the lines are matching very well with Akshay’s attire and the mood of the song.” …

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