Akshaya Patra Houston Chapter Hosts Community Outreach Luncheon

SUGAR LAND — On Saturday, May 20th, 2023, the Akshaya Patra Houston Chapter organized a Community Outreach Luncheon at Telfair Central Hall in Sugar Land. The event served as an opportunity for the Houston chapter to express their gratitude to the compassionate and caring Houston community for their remarkable support in 2022. The community’s generous contributions enabled the sponsorship of nutritious midday meals for over 50,000 students throughout the entire school year.

Geeta Rai, the Development Director from Akshaya Patra USA, delivered an insightful presentation on the Akshaya Patra program, highlighting its mission and accomplishments. Attendees were moved by the organization’s efforts to alleviate hunger in school-age children in India attending government schools.

Janardan Thakkar, an advisor to the Houston chapter, emphasized the importance of expanding the chapter’s reach to further spread Akshaya Patra’s mission and its programs. Mr. Thakkar also shared inspiring details about his and his wife Linda’s commitment to funding a mid-day meal kitchen in the Bangalore area of India, which will provide meals for 35,000 children. He called upon all those present to join the Houston team in their noble cause. Sanjeev Yamdagni and Ashok Shah provided detailed information about the various activities and initiatives undertaken by the Houston Chapter.

The luncheon featured an engaging question and answer session, allowing attendees to further understand the impact of their contributions. The event concluded on a delicious note with a delightful lunch for all participants. Numerous community members attended the event, reflecting the Houston community’s strong support for the cause.

Looking ahead, the APUSA Houston chapter plans to organize additional community outreach sessions across various parts of the metro Houston area. Those interested in hosting a program in their local community are encouraged to reach out to the Houston team for more information.

Akshaya Patra is a renowned non-profit organization that has been providing hot mid-day meals to millions of school children in India for over 20 years. The organization’s commendable work has gained recognition from prestigious platforms such as Time Magazine, BBC World News, and other social media outlets. The initiative aims to combat the unfortunate reality faced by many children from low-income families who are often deprived of education due to being forced into menial jobs to support their families.

Akshaya Patra’s main objective is to ensure that these children have access to mid-day meals, which often serve as their only meal of the day, enabling them to attend school and receive an education. Presently, the program feeds and educates over 2 million children, empowering them to build a brighter future.

One striking fact highlighted during the luncheon was that a mere $20 can provide meals for a child in India throughout an entire school year, underscoring the tremendous impact that even a small contribution can make. For those interested in getting involved and making a difference, please reach out to apusa.houston@gmail.com.

With the continued support of the Houston community, Akshaya Patra remains steadfast in its mission to nourish young minds and foster a better world for generations to come.