Akshaya Patra Launches Food Recovery Initiative in US

Pallets of Gatorade and lemonade were distributed to residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

HOUSTON: Akshaya Patra USA is thrilled to announce the launch of its Food Recovery Initiative, a program dedicated to rescuing edible food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it to those in need. Through this initiative, we are tackling two critical issues at the same time: food waste and food insecurity.

AP USA is proud to report that its efforts have already made a significant impact. To date, AP USA have rescued 131,682 lb of food and distributed it to people impacted by the Ukraine War living in Northern California, a train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, and various food pantry, food banks, and nonprofit catering restaurants, etc.

In February 2023 alone, it recovered 39,808 lbs. of food, including 4,224 gallons of milk in Northern California. This donation provided 2,000 families with 2 gallons of milk each as part of food distribution to vulnerable Ukrainian families, refugees, and others who struggle to afford enough food to meet their basic needs.

AP also successfully recovered 34,000 pounds of food in Arizona, which was our third project since the launch of the new initiative. These edible food items, which were initially slated for landfill, were rescued and distributed to those in need through our distribution partners.

To ensure the success of this project, AP created two parallel plans, Plan A for Arizona and Plan B for Los Angeles, based on lessons learned from past projects. This type of initiative takes lots of volunteers, logistics, and dedication, Houston chapter is always looking for volunteers. For further information, contact Ashok Shah at 832-518-9938 or Janardan Thakkar at 713-249-4256