All Eyes on Brow Art 23

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Elizabeth Porikos-Gorgees first learned about eyebrow threading in 1997 when a friend suggested she try the technique before an event. After her first experience she returned every three weeks in order to achieve the precise lines and excellent shape the threading technique gave her brows without the irritation of waxing.

By 2006 Porikos-Gorgees noticed that eyebrow threading kiosks were popping up in malls all over the country and the idea for Brow Art 23 was born. Today there are over 170 locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada making Brow Art 23 the largest eyebrow threading company in the world!

Eyebrow threading originated in India and has gained prominence in Western cultures in recent years.  In threading, a knot is formed with cotton thread specifically designed for threading then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, removing the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing which removes hair one at a time, and waxing which removes the top layer of skin, threading removes short lines of hair and can be quick and painless when done professionally. Professionals at Brow Art 23 are highly trained in this art form which plays a crucial role in the company’s success.

In 2006 Elizabeth Porikos-Gorgees noticed that eye brow threading was not available at a local mall in the Chicago suburbs and pitched Brow Art 23. While several retailers had pitched an eye brow threading kiosk in the past, the passion and energy Porikos-Gorgees brought made her stand out.  That July, she opened the first Brow Art 23 on a cart in Old Orchard Mall in Chicago. By that October, her cart was so successful and garnered so much business that she moved into her first inline location.

Brow Art 23 continued to grow and added temporary henna tattoos, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and private label Brow Art cosmetics including brow and lash growth tonic, eyebrow definer, and eye brow brushes to their list of services.

Porikos-Gorgees has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Arts, a Master’s Degree in Art Management and is five credits away from her second Master’s Degree in Teaching, which she incorporates into her business model. Unlike other eyebrow threading kiosk and salons, Porikos-Gorgees makes sure that customers of Brow Art 23 get a full experience complete with professional, courteous well trained staff,  cutting edge design, and a level of sophistication unmatched by her competitors. Her outstanding business sense, highly trained staff, and the cutting edge design of her location allowed Porikos-Gorgees to make the rent for her inaugural location within one week!

In just less than a decade since the inaugural Brow Art 23 opened, the business has experienced such rapid growth that Brow Art 23 is now the largest eyebrow threading company in the world.  People who invest their money in opening their own Brow Art 23 franchise witness its success first hand.  When retailers purchase a Brow Art 23 franchise they get the Brow Art 23 name, a 7 to 10 day training for as many employees as desired, ongoing training opportunities, site visits, assistance with the grand opening, a professional website, full comprehensive corporate marketing, customized POS system and an 800 number to address any questions or concerns franchisees may have.

Porikos-Gorgees uses her stellar business model and experience opening Brow Art 23 to ensure that each franchise, experience the same rapid growth and level of success that Brow Art 23 has achieved as a whole. In return, Brow Art 23 franchisees need only to commit to nothing less than a 5 year agreement, have a strong work ethic, and be as passionate about their own success as Porikos-Gorgees.

Porikos-Gorgees is confident that she can help franchises be successful by sharing the mistakes she made when opening her first locations, thereby providing them a solid path to success. Her template for success leads many franchisees to open multiple locations which in turn leads to continual growth for Brow Art 23.

Brow Art 23 continues to grow and is still committed to bringing a level of professionalism and sophistication that was missing from eye brow threading services. Franchise opportunities are available worldwide and those interested in opening a Brow Art 23 location can call Erin Franks at 773-571-2667 or visit for more information.