American Completion Tools Unveils Advanced Manufacturing Facility


HOUSTON: American Completion Tools, a subsidiary of Parveen Industries, India is pleased to announce the opening of its new modern facility  for the manufacture, assembly and sales of its entire product range in the fall of 2013.

American Completion Tools designs and manufactures service and completion tools such as drillable Bridge Plugs, Frac Plugs, Cement Retainers along with Hydraulic Set Permanent and Retrievable Packers in addition to Wireline, Hydraulic, Hydro-Mechanical and Mechanical Setting Tools for the oil and gas industry using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

A strong emphasis on consistent quality, customer service and ongoing product development over the years has ensured that its customers are provided with a wide array of superior products and services which help them maintain an edge in a highly competitive market.  An in-house hydro testing facility certifies that all their products are tested in compliance to API standards. Highly trained domestic and international field representatives are always accessible for any questions and support.

Parveen Industries oversees seven plants in Delhi and Mumbai with a down hole Product line in Burleson, Texas.

T. J. Sinha, General Manager, expressed the view that with the unveiling of this new facility, they will be better equipped to serve a growing and dynamic market. P. Kumar, CEO, also voiced the fact that the new facility will cater not just to markets in America but Canada and Europe as well.

American Completion Tools invites and welcomes all oil professionals to visit their booth No. 5404 at the OTC oil show commencing from May 6 at the Reliant Centre, Houston.