Amitabh Bachchan speaks in Salman Khan’s defence in the hit and run case on Arnab Goswami’s show!


Amitabh Bachchan was invited on the Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami’s show Barely Speaking for a free-wheeling chat. While on the show Sr Bachchan was posed with a lot of questions and one of those was about Salman Khan’s hit and run case. Arnab asked Bachchan, “Why does the Hindi film industry have blinkers on?” (regarding the unanimous support Salman Khan received from the film fraternity despite being convicted in the case)

To that Bachchan replied, “No, they’re not blinkers. What is wrong in saying something good about a person?”

Arnab went on to grill Bachchan asking his questions like, “So he (Salman) can kill a person and get away with it?” and “No word for the victim?” but Amitabh firmly answered, “Fair enough, there’s the law of the land, which will take care of it.”

Arnab, who is popular for cutting his guests while they talk and aggressively make his point by talking over them, probed Bachchan for more controversial answers but the actor kept a diplomatic stance. Bachchan also spoke about how he would never talk politics again and remain apolitical. As Arnab prods him to talk politics Amitabh refuses by simply stating, “I am not on Newshour” and with that he shuts down Goswami! (that is our favourite moment from the interview)

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