An Evening of Fun, Fantasy & Fascination at Infusion 2018!

Photos: Murali Santhana

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By Vanshika Vipin Varma

STAFFORD: As the month of Christmas celebrations set in, it was time for yet another enticing show by the talented artists at Infused Performing Arts. The much anticipated event, in its 8th year, “Infusion 2018 – A Magical Christmas Bollywood Spectacular “ was organized at St. Joseph’s Auditorium on Saturday, December 8.

An elixir of Bollywood, Disney and Magic; Infusion 2018 was a magnificent show choreographed and directed by Kiron Kumar and Tina Bose-Kumar, founders of Infused Performing Arts. Astonishing performances by the Infused Dance Company & students, a total of 200 performers, left the audiences stunned.

Since its inception in 2009 by the adept choreographer couple, Tina Bose-Kumar and Kiron Kumar, Infused Performing Arts has been amusing the audiences through numerous shows. It was their passion for arts and their zeal to popularize the affluence of Indian art forms across USA that led to the provenience of their Dance Company. With time, Infused Performing Arts gained popularity and today they are acclaimed for their originality and innovation in each of their performances. This is a result of the meticulous selection of dancers by the founders themselves coupled with their diligent training. The choicest of the artists that form Infused Dance Company, have regaled audiences at over 500 shows across USA since 2011, with over 100 this year. Some of their remarkable shows comprise Houston Rockets halftime Show, World Film Festival, Houston’s Urban Nutcracker and gazillions of Bollywood concerts with Katrina Kaif, Govinda, Farhan Akthar, Preity Zinta, Zack Knight, Dileep and Suresh Gopi.

As the audiences eagerly waited for the show to set about, the Kumar’s gave it a distinctive beginning by showcasing DJ Dholi Deep’s latest Love Mashup music video featuring the couple themselves, and directed by Rockstar Zain. The video received nonstop applause by the audience.

The theme of the show was about Prince Antoine, charmingly enacted by Keith Larue Alix Jr, who was cursed to become a robot. He could get rid of this execration only if he carried out 3 acts of kindness. In order to do so, he resorts to Anna, beautifully played by Shalini Patel, who helps him on his journey down 3 distinctive fairytales to achieve his mission. The concept was seamlessly sectioned into seven scenes and dance performances. To correlate well to the theme were stunning scenes on the LED backdrop. The show was a mixed bag of performances in the likes of various dance styles & languages, opulent costumes, magical illusions; jaw dropping stunts and the fire and sparkler effects.

The enchanting acts of magician Merlin played by Kiron Kumar, through his magical illusions, awe-strucked the audiences. Getting his magic wand out of fire, he showcased 4 distinct magical illusions. The abrupt appearance of Prince Antoine out of thin air as fire flames shot up left the audiences open-mouthed.

Turning into a Queen from rags, Tina Bose cursed Prince Antoine into being a robot. The vanishing act of Snow White (played by Keerthana Varma), the sleeping princess who appeared as floating in the air, was amusing to watch. However, the audiences were wonder-strucked as she appeared from midst of the crowds. The very charming Cinderella (played by Smriti Korampally) gets bolted in a chest targeted with swords. However, she appears to be in her prince’s arms (played by Umair Qureshi) unscathed. The audiences were completely bowled over. Other actors included Janki Prajapati (Step-Mother), Priyanka Athavale (Step-Sister), Aria Amin, Sophie Patel, Nytza Yaseen, Ava Ridley, Sofia Patel, Alisha Bakshi, and Riya Sekharan.

Dance performances were beautifully fused in with an introductory classical performance on Mi Gente Classical Remix & Kuttanadan Remix by Vidya Vox. The medley featured Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyatam & Kalari. Another beautiful dancing act was Chogada, featuring the real life couple Vanshika Vipin Varma and Sushil Varma as Beauty and Beast. It was no less than a real-life like performance with amazing chemistry and graceful moves. The folk dance on the medley of songs like Ghoomar, Udi Udi Jaye, Zhingat and Khalibali had the audience’s grove in, especially the females as the Infused men on the stage performed. Each performance was better than the best and the enjoyment was felt throughout. Last but not the least, a Western dance performance on Medley of Muquabala Remix, BomDiggy/ Magenta Riddim Mix, DJ Tamim’s Dilbar Remix, and Peg Peg Peg by DJ Dholi Deep stole hearts. The finale featured all 200 performers on the stage. It was a sight to watch as they tapped their feet to Rangtari and Hard Hard Nachengi.

Besides, there were scintillating performances by girls across age groups on Ghagra, Sajna Ji Vaari, Nachde Ne Saare, Kaun Nachidi with fans, streamers and stunts. Upbeat performances by the boys displaying energy and buoyancy on songs like Tu Meri, Mein Tera Bf, Prem Leela, Mundiyan, and Badtameez Dil captured the hearts of the crowds. What also amazed the audiences was a zestful performance on Kamli featuring 25 girls. Their props superbly combined with their jaw-dropping flexible moves. The audiences requested to see more of their performance especially after watching the youngest batch of dancers, aged 3-5, dancing like rock stars on the very famous song from Judwa- chalti hai kya nai se barah, tan tana tan tan tan tara.

The marvelous event stole everyone’s hearts. Shows like these are a hit because of tireless efforts from the organizers. The backbone of this show did a fabulous job in order to make the event a success. The script and dialogues were by Yaksha Bhatt, while the lighting and LED was by Sage Productions. The major sponsors of this event were Shri Sita-Ram Foundation (Arun & Vinni Verma), and Brask Inc (Sangeeta & Dinesh Bakshi).

Upcoming Events:

1) Rockets vs. Spurs Halftime performance on March 22, 2019. YOU can be a part of the halftime performance. Auditions will be held for experienced dancers ages 7 & up to perform at the halftime.

2) BollyX & BollyZumba Glo Fitness Party will be held on Friday, January 4, 8-9:30pm, at Infused Performing Arts. This will feature a master class of five amazing fitness instructors.

For details visit or call 72-INFUSED-8 (724-638-7338).

Classes are now open for registration. Dance school locations are in Stafford, Pearland, & Dallas.