Anjali Center Students to Present Odissi Dance Recitals


HOUSTON: Around fifty students of Dr. Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee, the Odissi faculty at Anjali Center for Performing Arts, a disciple of Guru Ratikant and Sujata Mohapatra from “Srjan”, are going to present an exquisite program, “Kelucharan Guna Keertanam 2014” (the 3rd North American Odissi Convention), at the Sur Auditorium of the Houston Durgabari Society, on June 1st, at 1pm, as a special tribute, commemorating the 10th year of both Padmabibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s passing and Chatterjee’s Odissi career at Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Nrityabasa in Bhuvneshwar.

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The festival, an annual cultural retreat organized by Chatterjee every year, will feature three renowned dance maestros, Guru Ratikant/ Sujata Mohapatra, Dr. Janaki Rangarajan and Smt. Sudeshna Maulik and several other out-of-state/local, eminent performing arts institutions, such as Niharika Mohanty, Rathna Kumar, Shipra Mehrotra, Lisa Santhanam, Nazanin Baygani, Sunanda Nair and so on. Chatterjee, with the distinction of being the first disicple of Srjan in Texas to have spread her legacy for 7 years, was awarded the President’s award in 2007.

She stole the hearts of many and taught over 200 students to do the same in the past years, which will be showcased through a production-‘Vande Mataram’, by Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, choreographed by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, performed by her Dance Company in USA.

The program will begin auspiciously with a prayer to Lord Jagannath, and inaugurated by the Honorable Consul General of India, P. Harish and Mrs. Nandita Harish and an inaugural speech by the Director of Samskriti, Smt. Rathna Kumar, to introduce the significance of Srjan style of authentic Odissi flavor through this excellent program to Houston showcasing the best of Indian performing arts.

Chatterjee’s contribution to the field of Odissi, through her teaching, practice and Doctorate, has been termed  ‘instrumental’ in nurturing and preserving the Srjan style of Odissi and stands as a testimonial to the dedication of a teacher who inspired many young students to learn the ancient Indian art form and to perform it with pride and joy.

This program will also feature Chatterjee’s own choreography- Shri Ramachandra Krupalu Bhajamana, performed by one of her recent Manchapravesham students. Chatterjee’s contribution, creativity and professionalism have been awarded by the Texas A&M University through several grants and awards for Arts, including numerous productions.

Her dance company has presented all over North America. Sponsored by Texas A&M University Association of former students, OCC, Samskriti, Sitaram Foundation, SKAI and several other locals and volunteers, all are cordially invited to this enchanting, artistic evening to cherish beautiful dancers and pay homage to the resurrector of Odissi- Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

Tickets will be available at the gate and online at HYPERLINK “”ttp://