Anniversary Celebrations at the Spiritual Center Madandham

Photos: Gautam Jani

Photos: Gautam Jani

Madan dhamq

HOUSTON: On 30 May, a grand celebration was celebrated by the devotees on the occasion of Lord Madan Jee and Mata Rupwatiji’s anniversary.

Event was blessed with Devji Trivedi Maharaj’s discourse on all in one god explaining righteousness and love for all in a shining humanity.

Particularly for the young generation to understand the basic fundamentals of life & respect parents. He emphasized that children who attended the discourse had actually sacrificed their precious time to learn practical and precious teachings of Lord Madan Ji to live a disciplined and successful life with a spirit of positive energy which will bring positive change to society  and develop peaceful and prosperous generations in future.Once again all religion lead to one God.

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