Annual Paryushan Mahaparva at JVB Preksha Meditation Center


By Seema Jain

HOUSTON: JVB Preksha Meditation Center hosted its Annual Paryushan festival at its premises under the auspicious guidance of Samani Sanmati Pragyaji and Samani Jayant Pragyaji (Disciples of Acharya Shri Mahashraman). The 8-day long festivities began on August 22 to 29. The real purpose of the Paryushan is to purify our soul by staying closer to our own soul, to look at our faults, to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes we have committed during the past year.

This year Tapasya chains started one month prior the Paryushan parva with atthai tap (8 continuous days fasting). The dedicated members of JVB Ila Patel, Meena Kapasi and Tushar Jain kept the tapasya chain going till the beginning of Paryushan Festival. During these eight days, the entire JVB Community became spellbound in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, felicity and Tapasya with Tela (3 continuous days fasting), Bela (2 continuous days fasting) and one day fasting. Young Gyanshala kids ages 4-14 yrs. amazed everyone by doing Ekasan (eating one time during the whole day),Biyasana (eating only twice a day), Upwaas (fasting), Bela (2 days continuous fasting) and Maun ( observing Silence).

Each day started with Saminiji’s morning session of Agam discourses based on Uttaradyan Sutra and concluded with evening sessions which were beautifully presented on purification of inner soul and Karma as well as multiple significance of the festival.  Seven days were days of attainment and the eighth day was one of fulfillment or achievement. By performing the Samvatsarik Pratikraman on eight day, everyone sought forgiveness from each other; forgetting all hatred constitutes the Samvatsarik aradhana -the annual atonement. Special food arrangements were made for dinner for devotees followed by Pratikaramn, daily. Parallel Sessions for kids Pratikaramn were also conducted at Evening in English.
This year, JVB concluded the Paryushan Mahaparva with magnificent celebration of Tap Anumodhna to honor all the Tapasvees on Sunday, Aug 31. About 125+ people were part of this special program. A short and entertaining drama “Saat Din ka Saar” was played by Gyanshala parents to highlight the significance of Seven days before the final day of Paryushan. All the Tapasvees, young and old were honored and rewarded. Many of them were generous enough to give us their valuable feedback. Few of statements are being mentioned here:

“The whole arrangement of dinner, Pratikraman and Samani jee choice of topics and her flawless delivery were most impressive. I enjoyed the whole proceedings and have made up my mind that I will make as many visits I can.”  (Jagan Lodha , Woodlands). “One of strong messages was that if we sow a seed of karma, we should ask if it is taking us in the right direction and bearing the right fruits.” (Sunita Jain, Missouri City)

JVB Preksha Meditation Center is home to a specially designed Preksha Dhyan ‘Pyramid’ Meditation Hall and is located at 14102 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX 77082. Upcoming events include

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