Anupam Kher Visits Houston for “Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha” Promotions

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By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: Just couple of months to go when Anupam Kher with his “Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha” Team will be performing at the Stafford Center (New) on Friday, August 7, at 9:00 pm. The play written and directed by Rakesh Bedi has been able to gain popularity from across the globe. The entire cast of the show will be on a tour from Friday, August 7 and will be performing all over the United States and Canada.

The proud International Promoter of “Mera Who Matlab Nahin Tha,” Rajender Singh from Star Promotions, organized a press conference for the plays promotion at the Hilton Southwest (6780 SW Fwy), Houston on Tuesday, June 16, at 12:30 pm. Light snacks were served from 12:30pm – 1:00pm, just before the press conference began as the entire Houston media had attended the event. As the event begun Anupam Kher entered the room where the entire press conference system was set up. Audiences and the media people greeted Anupam Kher with standing ovation and loud cheers.

Meena Dutt, the emcee of the event introduced him to the audience and first asked Rajender to speak a few words after which a small audiovisual was played about the show. Soon after this, Anupam Kher greeted everyone for attending the press conference as Houston was experiencing really bad weather on that day. Anupam Kher whole-heartedly thanked everyone present at the event for making it to the conference even after heavy rains and thunderstorms.

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Anupam said that he was here only to promote the play. He is very excited about the play and is happy with the kind of responses he has received so far. He has done 491 movies but has done 3 plays and it has taken him 3 decades to do 3 plays and doing a play is very close to his heart. He said that they have done 11 shows of the play in India and all 11 shows have been sold out online, days before the date of the show. He also added saying the reason why the play is being liked by everyone is because, the play is the story of a common man, his or her first love, people will be able to relate to it. Saying this he concluded and then begun the most awaited question & answer session with the audiences.

One of the many questions was, ‘Compared to movies and theater, his first love seems like theater, is it right or wrong? To this Anupam Kher very joyfully responded saying, “Absolutely right, because I started my career as a theater artist, and theater will always remain close to my heart.” Soon after another question came up which was ‘Do u think the attention span of the audience has changed over the years while they come to see a play? To which he answered saying, “Yes the attention span has changed, and people are impatient now, especially with their phones available all the time. But in spite of all this being able to maintain the attention of the audience during the play is the key and this is what this play does.”

Soon after the Q&A session everyone lined up to get photos and selfies with the star after which the event concluded, leaving everyone behind waiting patiently for the play on August 7.

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