April is Sikh Heritage Month in Canada


Sikh Heritage Month is celebrated to honour the culture and way of life of Sikhs. This is celebrated throughout the month of April in Canada for people to appreciate what Sikhs have contributed to the world and the accomplishments that they have made throughout history.

Sikh culture has become famous because of significant contributions of the community members in many fields worldwide. Dr Manmohan Singh, a Sikh, is the Prime Minister of India. Another predominant Sikh that has brought Sikhism more fame is Fauja Singh. Fauja Singh is an inspiration to many in the world as he has accomplished a great feat at the age of 101. At a race in Hong Kong, Fauja Singh ran 10km at the age of 101 and is a record-holder as no one in his age bracket has ever done that.

We can involve students in raising awareness about Sikh Heritage Month. Students can be informed about Sikhism and how it has evolved into what it is today through the PA system during announcements in the morning. Sikhs can be of use by letting their fellow classmates know more about their culture during this month. Students can even go as far as hosting Bhangra dancing fests in schools.

Last but not the least, let’s spread the word about this heritage month. People need to know about this just as much as any other cultural heritage month because there is a large presence of Sikhs in Canada. However, as it is still relatively new and it isn’t out there, people can spread the message through various media sources such as Facebook, Vine, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

Sikhism is not just a culture but also a way of life and you don’t have to be a Sikh to experience it. So let’s spread the word and be successful by letting a person a day know about this renowned month of Sikh Heritage….

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