Are you allergic to your Christmas tree?


4th December 2013 – Millions of us will buy a Christmas tree in the next few weeks, but could our new festive housemate end up needling us in more ways than one.

You might have heard of ‘Christmas Tree Syndrome’ and dismissed it as just another bah humbug health scare dreamt up for this time of year. However experts say that for some of us, living with a forest fir tree in our house for several weeks, is the cause of a range of health problems.

Evergreen trees in winter have held a special place in folklore, and Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert is often been credited with popularising the Christmas tree fashion in Britain because of its long tradition in his native Germany.

Dampness and mould

However, it has not always contributed to a happy Christmas, according to those susceptible to allergies. Maureen Jenkins, director of clinical services at Allergy UK, tells BootsWebMD that the problem lies with mould.

“The trees grow in damp conditions so they will be a perfect place for mould spores to grow,” she says.

“Initially you might be alright after it first comes in but after so many days, or the dreaded weeks that some people have them up, it can be quite serious.”

She says the situation is made worse by central heating, family and friends gathering in the living room to celebrate, and doors being shut to keep out drafts….

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